Meeting Delegation
    • 19 Sep 2023
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    Meeting Delegation

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    For executives with assistants (EAs), it is often a daunting task to schedule meetings on behalf of someone else.

    Meeting delegation allows one-click scheduling and enables linked users to schedule meetings on behalf of someone else via the  Dialpad Meetings Google Calendar Add-on. This ensures that not only the correct meeting room link is provided every single time, but that they can also manage the meeting as the organizer. Furthermore, the EA can make changes to the meeting or agenda as needed.

    Let's look at how Meeting Delegation works.

    Who can use this feature
    Meeting delegation is available for all users on a Dialpad Meetings Business plan.

    Delegate users

    First things first, in order to schedule a meeting on behalf of someone else, the executive needs to add the EA to their account as a Delegate. Read through this Help Center article to learn more about this process if you have not yet connected the two users via Delegation.

    Meeting delegation with Google Calendar

    When an EA needs to schedule a meeting for their boss and their company uses Google Calendar, they simply open the Dialpad Meetings sidebar in Google Calendar. If the executive has added them as Delegate, the EA can see both accounts under a new section called Schedule for. 

    1. Create a meeting in Google Calendar and ensure that Dialpad Meetings is selected for video conferencing (not Google Meet)
    2. Once the meeting is on your calendar, click Edit
    3. Select Dialpad Meetings from the Google Calendar sidebar
    4. Click the dropdown menu under Schedule For and select the person you would like to schedule the meeting for (they will be the meeting organizer)
    5. Click Save

    The meeting will now be updated with the organizer's personal meeting room link and they will be able to access and update the event's details.

    All Google Calendar features, such as passing meeting titles and meeting timer will work for the respective account.

    To learn more about the Google Calander integration, head to this Help Center article.

    For more information on granting someone else access to your Google Calander, please review this article.

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