Access Your Meetings User Analytics

Analytics provides users with the ability to dive into their usage statistics, with the aid of visual representations for the metrics that matter most.

The Analytics menu displays valuable information at a glance. Users can easily examine how they used Dialpad Meetings in the last week, month, or three months (but without same-day data). It also includes a breakdown of total conferences, total minutes, total participants, unique participants, and average minutes per call.

From the Dialpad Meetings dashboard, navigate to Analytics.



Scroll to the Calling Habits to view noteworthy trends. Dialpad Meetings organizes this data into easily digestable categories including:

  • Percentage of participants who joined the conference through the web
  • Percentage of conferences viewed online
  • Most active day
  • Average conference duration
  • Average participant count

List of Available Metrics

  • Total conferences
  • Total conference minutes
  • Total screenshares
  • Total number of participants
  • Total number of unique participants
  • % of conferences that included screenshare
  • % of conferences viewed online
  • Average conference duration
  • Average number of participants per conference
  • Average rating
  • Total number of ratings

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