Access Meetings Team Analytics
  • 31 May 2023
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Access Meetings Team Analytics

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Article Summary

Use the Analytics menu to understand user performance across your team. Admins can see daily calls, minutes, and screen shares for both the entire team and individual users.

Let's dive into the details. 

Who Can Use This Feature?
To access team analytics, you'll need a Dialpad Meetings Business license while serving as an Admin.

Analytics Menu Overview

Access the Analytics overview from the Dialpad Meetings dashboard.

  1. Click the hamburger menu
  2. Navigate to Analytics


Admins can easily examine how their team used Dialpad Meetings in the last week, month, or three months (but without same-day data). The Analytics menu also includes a breakdown of total calls, call minutes, and screen shares by day.


Scroll to the Team Members section to view individual user performance. Dialpad Meetings organizes this data into calls, minutes, average call length, average participants, and total participants.

Usage statistics are exportable into a CSV file. Just select the Export Usage Stats button in the Team Members section. It covers all-time performance, not just a snapshot of time.

List of Available Metrics

  • Total conferences
  • Total conference minutes
  • Total screen shares
  • Total number of participants
  • Total number of unique participants
  • % of conferences that included screenshare
  • % of conferences viewed online
  • Average conference duration
  • Average number of participants per conference

Admins are able to view metrics for their whole team, or drill down to individual users within their team (including themselves).

Dialpad Meetings Tip:
Every broadcast counts as one screen share. If two people share during one conference, that will count as two screenshares.

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