Dialpad + Intercom Integration

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The Dialpad and Intercom integration brings sales and support teams a seamless experience across voice, Dialpad Meetings, and messaging in their Intercom environment. This new integration allows Intercom users to easily switch between Dialpad’s AI-powered calling and Intercom’s business messenger during interactions with customers.

Enabling users to easily switch between messaging, voice, and Dialpad Meetings by allowing agents to call customers from an Intercom chat, the Dialpad + Intercom integration also automatically logs that interaction in both Intercom and Dialpad. The app uses Intercom’s private chat log, visible only to Intercom users, to log Dialpad’s Ai and recording.

With Dialpad’s new app built for Intercom, support teams are able to reduce resolution times and increase customer satisfaction. By launching phone calls from Intercom's messenger, the integration also empowers sales teams to close high-intent deals faster.


Let's take a look at this integration in more detail. 

Who can use this feature?

The Dialpad for Intercom integration is available on the Intercom app marketplace to Dialpad Ai VoiceAi Sales, and Contact Center customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Key Features

Seamless Calling

  • Instantly initiate a call at any point during an Intercom chat conversation by sending a Call Me card, where customers enter their number and connect with you in seconds. When the call begins, a live transcription with real-time coaching prompts is automatically started in the Dialpad Everywhere widget, giving you a seamless transition between chat, voice, and video meetings.

Call Logging

  • Details are logged directly in the Intercom chat history, with an active link to the call recording and Dialpad's Ai call summary transcript and features.

Coach from Anywhere

  • Arm agents with the right answers with real-time assist cards that include responses to frequently asked questions as well as a hyperlink to more information.

How to setup


Once installed from the Intercom app store (needs admin access), the Dialpad app is ready for all users in that Intercom instance.

Each user must authenticate with Dialpad in the Intercom inbox.

  • On any chat window, click the Dialpad icon and log in.
  • Select ‘Allow’ to connect Intercom with Dialpad, and click ‘Reload’ in the Intercom inbox to complete the connection.



  • In the Intercom agent view, click the Dialpad icon.
  • If the agent is a member of multiple contact centers or departments, they will be prompted to select a group to dial from.
  • After selecting the group, a Dialpad phone card will be inserted into the chat.
  • Hit ‘send’ to send the card to the customer.



The customer sees the call back card in their Intercom chat. After they enter the phone number and request the call, Dialpad will ring out all devices of the agent.

  • The agent will need to answer the call before an outbound call is made to the customer.

Note that the call-back request expires in 2 minutes.




  • After the call is completed, Dialpad will log call details such as start time, end time, and duration.
  • If Ai is enabled in Dialpad, a link to the summary would also be logged.