Dialpad + Playvox
    • 07 Jun 2023
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    Dialpad + Playvox

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    Dialpad Playvox is a unified solution that syncs agent data with engagement activity to optimize scheduling and quality in contact centers. The integration between Dialpad and Playvox allows for seamless access through single sign-in, synchronizing user data, agent status, customer interactions, and call events. Dialpad offers two integrated Playvox options: Playvox WFM and Playvox QM. Playvox WFM provides workforce management features such as forecasting, real-time scheduling, adherence monitoring, reporting, and mobile apps for agent self-service. Playvox QM focuses on quality management with features like learning management, motivation tools, coaching modules, and performance tracking. This suite of solutions aims to improve agent skills, motivation, and overall customer service quality in AI contact centers.

    Dialpad + Playvox gives your Contact Center the ability to seamlessly sync agent data with engagement activity to optimize scheduling and quality - all in one unified solution. Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) improves real-time agent forecasting and scheduling, reducing attrition, improving efficiency and boosting customer loyalty and retention.

    Let's take a look at the Dialpad Playvox integration.

    Who Can Use This Feature
    Dialpad + Playvox is available for Dialpad Contact Center users with 50+ agents.

    Enable the Dialpad and Playvox Integration

    Dialpad and Playvox are seamlessly integrated through Dialpad APIs using Single-Sign-in in the Playvox application.

    1. Log in to Playvox using your Dialpad credentials
    2. That's it! Playvox will automatically synchronize Dialpad users, agent status, customer interactions, and call events

    Dialpad + Playvox Products

    Dialpad offers two fully integrated Playvox options: Playvox WFM and Playvox QM.

    Playvox WFM

    Playvox WFM adds advanced workforce management to Ai Contact Center for real-time agent planning, forecasting, and scheduling. This helps ensure businesses will have the right agents available at the right times. 


    Features include:

    • Forecasting:
      • Real time data and self-adjusting algorithms continuously improve the accuracy of agent demand forecasting.
    • Scheduling:
      • Automated omnichannel agent scheduling based on specific business rules and priorities, taking into account your KPIs and demand forecasts to create the most efficient schedule.
    • Adherence:
      • Real time data from voice, chat, social and ticketing platforms help monitor adherence and occupancy throughout the day.
    • Reporting & Analytics:
      • Dashboards and reports provide a center-wide picture, down to the agent-level, helping with performance management and agent engagement. 
      • Drill-down functionality provides deeper insights into adherence, occupancy, service levels, workstreams and forecast accuracy.playvox-4.jpeg
    • Mobile Apps:
      • Enable agent self-service for leave requests, work availability, timesheets, and shift swaps, so you spend less time on administration, with rule-based approvals and calendar leave thresholds.

    Playvox QM

    Playvox QM is a suite of solutions that brings premium quality management to Ai Contact Centers, focusing on agent learning, motivation, and coaching modules. 


    Features include:

    • Learning Management:
      • Continuously improve your agents’ skill sets by creating instructional courses and learning paths.
      • Track agent results and skill improvements or deficiencies over time, with learning comprehension checks within videos and rich text content to maximize learning effectiveness.
    • Motivation and Recognition:
      • Customizable and gamified motivation tools for keeping your workforce operating at peak levels.
      • Create and customize your own ‘Karma Store’ to award your agents for their performance.
      • Use the built-in social Community Wall to create a cohesive agent team where agents inspire one another.
    • Coaching:
      • Create training courses, quizzes, and interactive coaching cards to easily organize your coaching sessions, track the progress of sessions and agents' improvement levels over time, while enabling agents to offer feedback.
    • Quality and Performance:
      • Centralize all your customer service interactions, integrating seamlessly with a myriad of customer service and CRM platforms.
      • Create and set KPIs for your customer service, while tracking agent performance and measuring quality.

    To learn more about Playvox, visit their Help Center.

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