Dialpad Companion Mode

Dialpad’s Ai offers a number of benefits for your calls and meetings, but sometimes you’re on a call that isn’t done through the Dialpad app. So, can you still enjoy the benefits of real-time Ai while on those calls? Yep, this is where Companion Mode comes in.

What Is Companion Mode?

Dialpad Companion Mode is a version of Dialpad Everywhere, which is meant to be used when you’re on phone calls using Dialpad’s calling feature—but through another app, such as MS Teams.

This way, even if you’re doing your work in another platform, you can still benefit from real-time Ai features like Live Transcription and Real-Time Assist.

Learn more about Dialpad Everywhere here.

Turning On Companion Mode

First, Companion Mode must be enabled at the office level. Go to the Office menu, then to Office Settings, and scroll down to Dialpad Companion Mode.


Once the Companion Mode box is checked, turn on Dialpad Everywhere in your App Settings—all three settings for Dialpad Everywhere need to be on for Companion Mode to work.


Using Companion Mode

Companion Mode is pretty simple to use. Make sure your Dialpad Everywhere settings are active under App Settings (as shown above) and the app is open; this will still work if your app is minimized.

When you make a call, the Companion Mode widget will automatically appear. This will allow you to use Dialpad’s Ai features during the call, the same as you would for any other call through Dialpad Everywhere.

The Companion Mode widget will disappear when the call is over.

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