Dialpad + Screen Pop

CRM platforms such as Salesforce and HubSpot store records containing customer-related information and use screen pop to automatically launch a matching customer record as soon as the call starts ringing.

Admins are able to enable screen pop for Shared Lines including Main Lines, Departments, and Call Centers. It allows for Operators and Agents to immediately gain access to customer-related information without needing to manually open the CRM platform and find the matching customer record.

Let's take a look at screen pop in Dialpad.

Who can use this feature?

Screen Pop is available to Dialpad Talk, Sell, and Contact Center customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Enable Screen Pop


From Dialpad.com, navigate to Admin Settings > Main Line or Departments or Call Centers > Integrations.

Choose the CRM integration that you'd like to enable screen pop for, then select Use to Launch a New Browser Tab for Incoming Calls.

Keep in mind that you're only able to enable screen pop for one CRM integration per Main Line, Department, or Call Center.


From the Dialpad app, navigation to App SettingsCall & Message Notifications.

Select the toggle for Automatically Launch a New Tab/Window When a Contact is Found for Incoming Calls to allow the Dialpad app to execute on matching CRM records.

Use Screen Pop (Example)


In this example, you'll see Salesforce open in a new tab to display the matching customer record.

Notice the Agent didn't manually launch Salesforce or look up a customer record. Dialpad's integration with the CRM platform allowed the matching customer record to surface automatically.

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