Company Dictionary Tips

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Add words to your Company Dictionary to: 

  • Boost transcription accuracy 
  • Capture the whole conversation just as it happened 
  • Align what was said with key moments (positive sentiment, agent apology, etc.) 

Why It Matters

Transcription accuracy can be affected by a number of factors including: 

  • Different kinds of noise 
  • Crosstalk 
  • Accents 
  • Important words 
  • How transcripts are normalized 

Company Dictionary looks to solve for capturing those important words—the ones special to your business, packed with meaning, and arguably the most critical to be transcribed accurately.

Adding Words To Your Company Dictionary

Your Company Dictionary lives in your web settings (so go there to add new words). Navigate back there anytime to see the most up-to-date list across your office. 

Need a little help figuring out what should or shouldn’t be added to your Dictionary? Take a look at this guide below: 

Add words like... 

  • Unique workplace abbreviations Ex: SaaS, RFP, RFO, PRD, CSAT, CX 
  • Competitors Ex: Nike, Adidas, PayPal 
  • Product names Ex: Dialpad, Dialpad Meetings
  • Customer names Ex: Motorola, Uber, DOMO 
  • Technical jargon Ex: WebRTC, Opus, Telephony, Codecs 

But don’t bother with... 

  • Common acronyms Ex: LLC, Inc., 
  • Industries Ex: Real Estate, Consulting, Recruiting, Tech 
  • Email addresses 
  • Common English names Ex: Jane, Smith, Johnson 
  • Common workplace actions Ex: Email, ping, sync, collaborate