Set Your Personal Working Hours

Set your personal working hours separate from those defined for the Office or any Shared Lines, and choose how incoming calls and messages are handled outside of those hours. 

It will impact Departments or Call Centers that you're assigned to; therefore, if personal working hours close at 5:00PM while assigned to a Shared Line closing at 6:00PM and that Shared Line receives a call at 5:10PM, as an Operator, your devices will not ring. Instead, the call will be routed to the other Operators assigned to that Shared Line.

Let's take a look at how to set your personal working hours.

Who can use this feature?

Personal working hours are available to Dialpad Talk, Sell, and Contact Center customers on the Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

Set Your Personal Working Hours


From, navigate to Your Settings Call Handling & VoicemailShow Advanced Options Personal Working Hours.

Select Only During Specific Hours to start designating personal working hours.

Choose a day and select Edit Hours. You'll then designate availability for that day. Notice that you can choose to split availability using the Add Hours button; up to four unique periods of availability are possible each day.

Decide if these hours should apply to any other days, then select Update.

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