Set Your Personal Working Hours

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Determine your own personal working hours (separate from your the Office or any Shared Lines), and choose how incoming calls and messages are handled outside of those hours. 

Let's take a look at how to set your personal working hours.  

Set Your Personal Working Hours

To set your personal working hours, head to Your Settings from 

  1. Select Call Handling & Voicemail
  2. Navigate to Personal Working Hours
  3. Select Only during specific hours
  4. Select your timezone
  5. Select Edit hours beside the day you'd like to set your hours
  6. Enter your start and end time
  7. Select which days you'd like these hours to apply to 
  8. Select Update

Calls that comes in outside of your personal working hours will be routed based on your Advanced Missed Call Routing settings.

Users also have the ability to turn on SMS Auto-Reply to reply to any text messages they receive outside their personal working hours or if they turn on Do Not Disturb mode.

To prevent inbound Contact Center calls, Agents must set themselves to an Off-Duty status or DND for that specific call center.


If will I be notified of messages that come in outside of my Personal Working Hours?

No. Notifications for both calls and messages are disabled if received outside of your Personal Working Hours. 

What if I work a split shift?

No problem — you can choose to split availability using the Add Hours button and add up to four unique periods of availability each day.

To remove a segment of your availability, simply select the red 'X' beside the hours you'd like to remove.


Will these hours impact Contact Center hours?

No. Personal Working Hours impact routing rules for your individual line, assigned Departments and Mainline, but not Contact Centers.  

So, if your personal working hours close at 5:00 PM, and your assigned Shared Line receives a call at 5:01 PM, your devices will not ring, even if your Shared Line closes at 6:00 PM. Instead, the call will be routed to other available Operators assigned to that Shared Line.