Call Dispositions Analytics


Data will start to be collected on which dispositions are used and the frequency of use in the Analytics menu after setting up and enabling call dispositions for a Call Center or Coaching Team.

Let's take a look at the analytics of dispositions in Dialpad.

Analytics Menu — Dispositions Tab


From, navigate to > Analytics and set your filters for a Call Center or Coaching Team as well as a chosen date range. You'll see a tab called Dispositions.


You'll be shown the number of calls for each disposition and percentage of use at the bottom of this page.

Clicking into Agents will show you how many calls per disposition each Agent in that Call Center or Coaching Team had.

You can also download a CSV file export of all calls with a saved disposition. To download select Export Call Disposition Logs from the Dispositions tab. It will then get automatically downloaded to your device.

Call History Menu — Dispositions Column


From, navigate to > Call History and set your filters for a Call Center or Coaching Team as well as a chosen date range. You'll see a column called Dispositions.


If you want to search for a specific Disposition, you can do so by selecting the desired disposition in the filter drawer. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I edit or remove dispositions in the future, will any of my past data change?

Edited or deleted dispositions are saved to the call in the phrasing used at the time of the call. They appear in their original phrasing in all components in Dispositions tab of the Analytics menu and in the Dispositions column in the Call History menu.

In the Call History menu's dispositions filter, you'll only be able to filter by currently-defined dispositions. Deleted dispositions are not available for selection in the filter menu. Edited dispositions only display the latest version of the phrasing.

Do notes from the disposition log to Salesforce?

No, only the disposition logs under call results. Notes can, however, be exported from analytics.

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