Change an Email Address

Office Admins are able to change a user's email address.

G Suite & Office 365

To change the email associated with your Dialpad account, follow these steps:

  1. Google or Microsoft Admin makes the change to the existing email account
  2. Dialpad user logs into Dialpad with the updated email account

Open Sign Up

If you used a Google or Microsoft account to sign up for Dialpad, you can follow the steps listed above.

If you didn't, follow these steps:

  1. Dialpad Admin navigates to > Admin Settings > Office > Team > Add Team Members
  2. Dialpad Admin sends an invitation to the new email address
  3. Once team member accepts invite, Dialpad Admin navigates to Accounts to find the old email address
  4. Dialpad Admin deletes old email address associated with an account*
  5. Dialpad Admin sends a request to our support team to transfer the old account's #s to the new account

*Keep in mind that once an account has been deleted, any call metrics on your Analytics page will reset.

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