Voicemail Drop


Outbound calls keep your Reps busy throughout an entire day. Voicemail drop makes them more efficient by letting a Rep drop off a call and play a pre-recorded message automatically while they continue to call another prospect.

Let's take a look at voicemail drop in Dialpad.

Enable Voicemail Drop


From Dialpad.com, navigate to Your Settings Voicemail Drop.

Select Enable Voicemail Drop, then choose the message to play.

You can select a default message or create your own. If you choose to record or create a custom message, it must be no larger than 32MB in size and no longer than 45 seconds in length.

Use Voicemail Drop


Once an outbound call goes to voicemail and you hear a 'beep' from the other side, select VM Drop and choose the option you'd like to play.

It will automatically leave a voicemail based on the option chosen. You, on the other hand, can immediately call someone else.

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