Voicemail Drop

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Let's take a look at voicemail drop.

Enable Voicemail Drop

To enable Voicemail Drop, head to Your Settings from Dialpad.com 

  1. Navigate to Voicemail Drop
  2. Select Enable Voicemail Drop
  3. Choose the desired message to play

You can choose to record a voicemail right within Dialpad, or upload an mp3 file.

If you choose to record, or create a custom message, it must be no larger than 32MB in size and no longer than 45 seconds in length.


Use Voicemail Drop

Once an outbound call goes to voicemail and you hear a 'beep' from the other side, select VM Drop.


If you have multiple Voicemail Drop options, you will be prompted to select the desired message. 

Dialpad will automatically leave a voicemail based on the option chosen. You, on the other hand, can immediately call someone else and don't have to spend precious minutes leaving messages.