SMS Logging in Salesforce

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With SMS logging in Salesforce, Admins can:

  • Designate which users have SMS logging turned on
  • Automatically log external SMS between reps + prospects/customers
  • Access all interactions (calls & SMS) from one central platform

Enable SMS Logging (Company Level) 

To enable external SMS logging with Salesforce, have your Office Admin follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings
  2. Select My Company 
  3. Navigate to Integrations
  4. Select Options next to Salesforce
  5. Select Manage Settings from the drop-down SF_settings.png
  6. Navigate to Activity Logging and Linking
  7. Select the box beside Log SMS messages as activitieslog_sms_SF.png

This will enable SMS logging across all your Dialpad Offices.

Now that you've enabled SMS logging in Salesforce for your specific Office(s), the next step is granting access to your individual users.

Enable SMS Logging (User Level)

Once you've enabled SMS logging for your Office, the next step is allowing individual team members the ability to log their external SMS to Salesforce.

Have your Office Admin follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings
  2. Select Team 
  3. Beside the intended user(s) name, select Options
  4. Select Calling
  5. Select Configure Integrations
  6. Select Configure for this User
  7. Check Log SMS messages as activities
  8. Select Save

Authenticate Salesforce in Dialpad 

Within the conversation view, have the users you’ve enabled select Connect Salesforce to authenticate the integration


Before you can log SMS, your users will need to find a matching connection in Salesforce. If none exist, have your users create the contact in Salesforce first before engaging on Dialpad.


Once connected, your users will see a profile of your contact that will display:

  • Job Title
  • SFDC Owner
  • Status
  • Open Activities
  • Activity History


Logging SMS to Salesforce 

Dialpad will automatically log external SMS sent and received on Dialpad with your matching Salesforce contact.

Users will see the log appear as a new Task under Activity History.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will the task appear in Salesforce?

We’ll mark the task Completed and also include the following fields:

  • Type: Chat
  • Name: Salesforce Contact Name
  • Assigned To: Dialpad User’s Name
  • Priority: Normal

To avoid overloading tasks, we’ll group as many messages into one task as we can (hard limit of 32K characters per task).

If we need to split out tasks, we’ll mark it with a (1) or (2), in the Task name.

Can we log messages sent from Shared Lines (Main Lines, Departments, Call Center)?

Not at this time. Currently, the SMS logging feature is for end-users only.

Does this integration log internal and external messages to Salesforce?

No—we’ll only log SMS sent or received from external contacts (i.e., not people within your Office or Company).

Does the contact need to exist in Salesforce for logging to work?

Yes—make sure that your end-users match an existing contact from Salesforce in Dialpad before trying this feature.

Can we log messages sent from Salesforce?

Not at this time. Currently, the SMS logging feature only works when sending and receiving messages in Dialpad.

Does this work with Salesforce Classic and Lightning?


Will MMS (video, image) also log as a Task in Salesforce?

We will provide a link to the MMS file shared within the task.

Can we log calls as well as SMS?

Absolutely! Our call logging feature is already available as part of Pro and Enterprise plan types, both with Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning.

Can I log a text message to an opportunity?

No, SMS messages cannot be logged to an opportunity, only calls.