Active Call Controls

When it comes to business communications, the phone call is still king. 

Dialpad’s business voice calling system offers a wide range of advanced features and functionalities—all built in—that are designed to enhance the calling experience for incoming callers, contact center reps, and both external and internal communications.

Let's take a look at your call controls during an active call. 

Mute a Call

To mute your microphone during an active call in the Dialpad app, select Mute. This will mute your microphone, but you'll still be able to hear the other caller.

Select Unmute if you'd like to unmute your microphone.

If you're looking to mute a call from a mobile device, visit our Help Center articles on our iOS and Android apps.

Place a Call on Hold

Place a call on hold to mute both you and the caller. Callers will hear your Main Line's hold music while they're on hold.

From an active call, select Hold. It will place the call on hold, and neither you nor the caller will hear each other.

Select Unhold if you'd like to take the call off hold and resume speaking with the caller.

If you're looking to place a call on hold from a mobile device, visit our Help Center articles on our iOS and Android apps.

Add a Caller

Create a three-way call in seconds by adding a 3rd caller to your call.

  1. During an active call, select Add
  2. Enter a contact's name or phone number
  3. Select Confirm

Dialpad will dial do the number and the caller will be be added to the call upon answering.

Once they're added, the additional caller appears in the list of active calls located in the top-left corner of the Dialpad app —hold, mute, or transfer as necessary.

If you're looking to add a caller from a mobile device, visit our Help Center articles on our iOS and Android apps.

Share Your Screen

Dialpad users can share their screens on phone calls, reducing the need to set an official meeting or jump onto a conference call to quickly resolve issues, collaborate on projects, or do virtual walkthroughs.

  1. During an active call, click the 'Share Your Screen' button 
  2. Select the desired screen, window or tab to share
  3. Select 'Share'

Call Participants then receive a message containing a link that opens a browser window displaying your screenshare. Participants can also click 'View Screenshare' from the conversation dialogue. view_screenshare.png

To stop sharing your screen, click the “Stop Sharing” button at the bottom of the Dialpad window or the screensharing indicator at the top of the left bar.

Screenshares will automatically end if a call is ended. 

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