Add and Manage Multiple Offices

Multiple Offices are available are available to Pro and Enterprise accounts. To create a new Office, contact your sales rep directly to have this setup.

Managing multiple Offices within Dialpad will require you to become a Company Administrator. Once this is set and you've logged into your Dialpad portal, hover over your Admin Settings to toggle between Offices.

Clicking on an individual Office will pull up your Office Settings, including areas to:

Company Settings

To view your Company Settings, hover over Admin Settings and select your Company from the drop-down menu. 

Each Office listed in your Company Settings page has its own drop-down menu which gives you the ability to rename your Company or jump to your Office Settings, Team Page, or Billing.

Add a Regional Office Admin

For times when you need a specific Administrator to manage more than one Office at a time. To assign a Company Administrator as a Regional Office Administrator:

  • Navigate to Company Settings > Company Administrators
  • Add the team member if they're not already displayed
  • Click the drop-down menu next to their name and select Make Regional Administrator
  • Click on Select Offices 
  • Select all the Offices you want the team member to manage

If you ever need to change the Offices the Regional Administrator manages, just navigate back and click on Change Offices next to their name.