View Your Dialpad Billing Summary

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We know how important it is to keep your accounts in order.  From our Billing Summary, you can view the full details of your payment history, download past invoices, review the exact breakdown of your plan, examine your next bill, and more. 

Let's take a look at what you can do from our Billing Summary overview.

Access Your Bill

To access your Company's Billing Summary, first, we must head to the Admin Settings from 

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings
  2. Click Billing Summary in the Billing section of the sidebar menu 


Your Billing Summary is divided into three sections:

  • Current Plan: Provides a top-level overview of what you're currently paying for, an estimate of your next monthly billing statement, and when your next billing statement is due.
  • Payment Information: Displays current credit card on file, and provides the ability to update the payment method.
  • Billing History: This shows a chronological list of your past statements and offers the ability to download a PDF of each bill (click the billing date to view). You can also add a note to your invoice. 

View Billing History

The Billing History section displays your current and past bills. 


Here you can view the following details:

  • Invoice date
  • Invoice amount
  • Status (paid or owing)
  • Invoice description
  • Notes


Add a note to your bill

To add a note (visible to both your company, and Dialpad), click "Add note" 


Enter your message in the pop-up and click "Save Changes"


This message will now be visible at the bottom of your invoice. 

What You're Paying For

Charges are broken out by the number of Users, room, and/or fax lines on your account, as well as by local and toll-free lines. Any changes to the number of lines you made mid-cycle will be listed additionally.

Below your account charges are taxes and fees. These local, state, and federal assessments are based on your Company’s billing address. Click "Show" to view each item in detail.


Update Payment Info

Need to update your payment information? No problem.

To update your payment info, head to the Payment Information section of the Billing Summary and click "Edit"



Enter the new payment information in the pop-up and click "Save"


Your payment information will be updated within 24 hours.

Upgrade your Account

On a trial and ready to upgrade to paid? Navigate to > Admin Settings > Billing > Billing Summary > Upgrade Account


Looking to upgrade from Standard to Pro? Dialpad Administrators can upgrade their team straight from their Billing Summary page. 

When you upgrade you'll receive a prorated charge for the new plan. Keep in mind that in order to self-upgrade to Pro, your account will need to:

  • Be currently active (not in a trial or on hold)
  • Only have 1 Office
  • Be paid by credit card


If you need 100 or more user accounts, reach out to our sales team directly





Have more billing and payment questions? Check out our FAQ.