Add or Remove Team Members

Add Team Members (US & CA)

To invite your team members, navigate to>Office>Team>Add Team Members

Administrators can invite team members by:

  1. Navigating to>Office Settings>Team>Add Team Members
  2. Begin typing in your team member's email addresses (must be same domain)
  3. G Suite or Office 365 Administrators can add team member's straight from their directory
  4. Verify the assigned phone # or click Edit Number to select a different local #

Don't forget to check the # of available team licenses (you'll need to purchase more if you don't have enough). 


Once you've assigned all your numbers, click on Add to confirm the Billing Update.

Add Team Members (International Offices)

To invite your team members, go to>Office Settings>Team>Add Team Members.

You'll see the number of available licenses displayed in the pop-up. If you have no remaining team member licenses remaining, you'll need to purchase more before inviting users.

If you're a G Suite or Office 365 Administrator, you can invite users within your directory. If not, simply type in their email addresses.

Dialpad Tip: You can only invite users who are in your domain. 

We'll send confirmation emails to your team members which they'll use to verify their email address and start their Dialpad account. 

Remove Team Members

Administrators can remove a team member by:

  • Navigating to>Office>Team
  • Find the team member and click the drop-down menu to select Delete Account
  • Confirm that you want to delete this account


Keep in mind that with license billing, deleting a user account does not remove a license. If you need to remove a license, contact our support team.


Have more questions about your team? Check out our FAQ.