Use the Android App

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Dialpad's cloud-based phone system lets you work from anywhere, ensuring you stay connected across all your existing devices.

If you haven't already, download and install the Dialpad for Android app from the Google Play Store.

Let's get you set up with how to use your Dialpad Android App. 

Place a Call 

To place a call, navigate to the Home tab.

  1. Tap the Plus Icon ('+')
  2. Tap New Call
  3. Enter the phone number, or select the contact’s name
  4. Select Call

You can also start a call by tapping the Phone Icon beside a contact’s name in the conversation thread, or in your inbox.


Receive a Call 

If you’re already using the Dialpad app when someone calls your Dialpad number, simply tap the green phone icon to answer the call. 

If your Dialpad app is not open, a pop-up message will appear, informing you of the call. Click ANSWER to pick up the call. 


To decline the call, tap Reject.

Record a Call 

To record a call from your Android device, select the More button during your call. 

Beside Audio Recording, toggle the slider on or off.


Callers will be notified when call recording has been turned on.

When the call is being recorded, you’ll see a red ‘Recording’ banner on the top right of your screen.

Transfer a Call

To transfer a call:

  1. Tap Transfer
  2. Enter the number or contact name
  3. Choose the desired transfer type (warm, direct, to voicemail or to hold queue)


Add a Caller 

To add a caller, select Add caller from your active call. 

  1. Enter the phone number or choose the contact
  2. Tap Add caller


You can add up to 3 callers to an active call. 

Call with Android Dialer

Decide whether your personal number or your Dialpad number is displayed when placing calls through your Android device's Phone app (native dialer). 

By default, we'll use your personal, carrier-issued number.

To change your outbound caller ID number

  1. Navigate to your Settings 
  2. Select Outbound Caller ID
  3. Navigate to Calls from the Android Dialer
  4. Choose the desired option 


  • Use Dialpad caller ID: Displays your Dialpad number
    • A record of calls completed through this method will appear in Dialpad
  • Use mobile number: Displays your personal, carrier-issued number
    • A record of calls completed through this method will appear in your Android device's call log, not Dialpad
  • Ask before each call: Upon dialing a number, you'll get to choose between your Dialpad number or your personal, carrier-issued number

Send a Message

To send a message from the Android app:

  1. Select the Plus icon ('+') 
  2. Tap New Message 
  3. Enter the contact's name or number
  4. Select their name or number
  5. Write your message in the text box 
  6. Tap the purple arrow to send the message


If you've recently chatted with a contact, their name will appear in the Recents section of your Home tab.

Receive a Message

When you receive a message, you'll see notifications in three different forms:

  • In-App: In the Dialpad app, you'll see the contact’s name written in bold with a purple dot next to their profile picture. Additionally, a list of 'new events' will appear at the top and bottom of your screen.
  • Push Notification: If you’re not actively in the Dialpad app at the time you receive a message, you’ll see a push notification at the top of your device. You can mark the message as read, respond using a prompted quick reply, or reply directly from the notification.
  • Notification Badge: A small, colored dot will appear attached to the Dialpad app's icon on your home screen and in your app drawer.


Tap their name to open the conversation thread and write a message from the existing conversation.

Group Messages

To send a group message:

  1. Select the Plus ('+') icon
  2. Tap New Message 
  3. Enter all contacts' names or numbers
  4. Write your message in the text box
  5. Tap the purple arrow to send

To view group message information, open the conversation thread and tap the names.

Here, you can easily see who is in your group message, and turn message notifications on or off.

Click the star icon to favorite the group chat.

Tap the three dots beside someone’s name to view their profile, send them a private message or call them directly. 


To rename the group conversation, tap the 3 arrows on the top right corner and select Change name.

Archive a Conversation

To archive a thread:

  1. Long-press the conversation thread from the Home tab
  2. Select Archive icon at the top of the screen.


Share from other apps

Want to share a location or a social media post? No problem, Dialpad works seamlessly with your favorite apps, allowing you to share external information via Dialpad.

To share content from an outside app:

  1. Select Share
  2. Choose Dialpad
  3. Select the contacts, group chats, or channels within the Dialpad app that you want to share with  
  4. Press the purple arrow to send

android_share_externally.png share_to_dialpad.png

Check Your Inbox

Stay on top of your messages from you inbox. 

To check your inbox:

  1. Tap the 3-Bar icon on the top left of your screen
  2. Select Inbox

Your inbox has separate tabs for New Notifications, Calls, Missed Calls, Voicemails, Recordings, Messages, Starred, and Spam.

android_check_inbox.png     android_inbox.png

Tap Mark all as read to remove all new notifications. 

Manage Contacts

Dialpad offers easy contact management in our mobile apps. Let's go over some common contact actions. 

Search for a Contact

To search for a contact, select the Search (magnifying glass) icon in the top-right corner of the app and enter a name in the search bar. You'll immediately get results with the contact's name and number.

android_search_contacts.png search_contacts_android_app.png

When you select a contact, the conversation thread will open. You're then able to send a message, call, or view their profile.

Favorite a Contact

To favorite a contact, open a conversation thread:

  1. Select 'Tap to view details' below the contact's name
  2. Select the star icon

android_view_contact_details.png    Android_app_favorite_contact_.png

That's it! Your contact will now appear in the Favorites section in the Home tab.

Add New Contact

To add a contact:

  1. Tap the Plus ('+') icon
  2. Select Add Contact
  3. Enter the contact details 
  4. Tap Done on the top left corner

android_home_menu_new_button.png android_new_contact_from_menyu.png create_contact_android.png

You can also add unsaved numbers as new contacts. Open the conversation thread with an unsaved number and select New Contact or Add to Existing.

View  Contact Profile

To view a contact profile, open the conversation thread and select 'Tap to view' details underneath the contact's name. It will display additional details about this contact and any integrations shared between you.

android_view_contact_details.png contact_details_android.png

Caller ID

There are 3 ways to adjust your caller ID for individual calls:

  1. Long-press the Call (phone) icon in a conversation thread and choose an available caller ID
  2. Navigate to Settings
    • Select Outbound Caller ID
    • Choose the desired number
  3. Select the Plus ('+') icon
    • Select New Call
    • Select Call from
    • Choose the desired number


To adjust your caller ID for all calls, you'll need to navigate to your global caller ID settings from the web portal.

Block a Number

To block a number:

  1. Navigate to the conversation thread
  2. Select 'Tap to view' underneath the contact's name
  3. Select the Pencil Icon to edit the contact
  4. Select Block or mark as spam
  5. Select your desired preference
    • Block calls and allow voicemails: sends calls straight to voicemail and places conversations to the Recents section, and your inbox
    • Mark as spam: sends calls straight to voicemail and places conversations in your spam folder
    • Block all communications: Caller cannot connect, your number displays as out of service 


Do Not Disturb & Custom Status

Set your status to Do-Not-Disturb to avoid receiving notifications for calls, or use a custom status to inform colleagues if you're away from your desk or working on a specific project. 

Set Do Not Disturb

To turn on Do Not Disturb mode using the Android app:

  1. Select the 3-Bar icon
  2. Toggle on the Do Not Disturb
    • Select Set a Timer if you'd like Do Not Disturb mode to turn off after a specific amount of time 


Set Custom Status

To set a custom status:

  1. Select the 3-Bar icon
  2. Select Set Your Status
  3. Enter your custom status in the text field, or choose from one of the status templates
    • There is a 50 character maximum for custom statuses

android_set_status_menu.png android_set_status.png

To clear your status, select Clear status.

App Settings

To access your Dialpad Android settings, select the 3-Bar icon in the top-left corner of the Dialpad app and then select Settings.

HD Calling

HD Calling will use an internet connection for inbound and outbound calls. It requires a stable cellular or WiFi network, which results in better call quality.



Choose to receive notifications for messages, missed calls, and voicemails.

In the Notification Settings section, choose your ringtone, and the format notifications are delivered to your Android device. You can also enable or disable the ability to silence all other notifications while on a call.

android_receive_notifications.png android_notification_settings.png

To customize notifications and how they're delivered, you'll need to select Manage Notifications

Use this menu to choose how notifications for new messages, missed calls, and voicemails appear.


Advanced Settings

Use Advanced Settings to further customize your Android Dialpad experience.

Turn the following options on and off based on your preferences:

  • SMS forwarding forwards messages to and from your phone
  • Ring this device allows call and notifications to sound on the device and your computer
  • Allow data with low battery allows Dialpad to operate when your device's battery is low
  • Smart Reply suggests replies to new messages that are only visible to you until you tap to share. Dialpad only offers Smart Reply in English.
  • In-app notifications allow Dialpad to alert you of notifications while still in the Dialpad app


Additional helpful resources are at the very bottom of the Settings menu. To visit our Help Center from the app, select Help. There's also a selection to open our legal and privacy policy and even to submit feedback to our team.

Finally, you can select Log Out to sign out of the Dialpad app on your Android device.