Use the iOS App

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Dialpad's cloud-based phone system lets you stay connected in real-time across all your devices, including those that run iOS.

If you haven't already done so, download and install the Dialpad for iOS app from the Apple App Store.


Place a Call


To place a call, navigate to the Keypad tab and dial a phone number (left) or select the Phone icon while viewing a conversation thread with any contact.

Receive a Call


To receive a call, swipe over Slide to Answer if your iOS device is inactive (left) or select the Blue Check icon if your iOS device is active (right).

Record a Call


To record a call, select the Rec Off button. You can also stop recording a call by selecting the Rec On button. Callers will hear an alert when call recording has been turned on.

Call recordings are available for playback in the iOS app, too. Navigate to the Recents tab and open the Recordings section. To download call recordings, you'll need to launch Dialpad from a laptop or desktop.

Transfer a Call


To transfer a call, select MoreTransfer and choose the contact from the list or enter their name.

Add a Caller


To add a caller, select MoreAdd a Caller and choose a contact from the list or entire their name.

You can add up to 3 callers to an active call.


Send a Message


To send a message, navigate to the Recents tab and select the Message icon. Enter the contact's name or number, then start composing a message.


If you've recently chatted with a contact, find their name in the Recents tab to open the conversation thread and compose a message to send.

You can also share texts, links & images to channels, as well as select multiple participants.



Receive a Message


To check your received messages, you'll receive notifications in three different forms:

  • In-App (left): Open the Dialpad app, and you'll see the contact in bold with a blue dot next to their profile picture in the Favorites or Recents tabs; additionally, a tally will appear on applicable tabs indicating unread notifications
  • Drop-Down (middle): From outside the Dialpad app, you'll receive a drop-down notification that displays the message's text
  • Notification Badget (right): A small, red-colored dot will appear attached to the Dialpad app's icon and tally unread notifications

Group Messages


To send a message to a group, navigate to the Recents tab and select the Message icon. Enter all contacts' names or numbers, then start composing a message.

Open the conversation thread for a group and select View Profile to see additional details. It will display who's in the group and give the option to view their profiles, send individual messages, or call.

Here you're also able to turn off group notifications for this group and rename the group.

Archive a Conversation Thread


To archive a conversation thread, navigate to the Recents tab and swipe from right to left to reveal the Archive button.

Share from Outside Apps


To share content from an outside app, select the Share buttonDialpad. You'll then get to choose a contact in the Dialpad app to share the content with.

Check Your Inbox


To check your inbox, navigate to the Recents tab. Your inbox organizes itself into categories including All Conversations, All Calls, Missed Calls, Voicemails, Recordings, All Messages, Starred, and Spam.

Manage Contacts

Search for a Contact


To search for a contact, navigate to the Contacts tab and select the Search (magnifying glass) icon in the top-right corner. Enter a name in the search bar, then you'll immediately get results with the contact's name and number.

If you select a contact, you'll open the conversation thread. You're then able to send a message, call, or view their profile.

Favorite a Contact


To favorite a contact, open a conversation thread and select View ProfileFavorite (star) icon. Navigate to the Favorites tab to see all favorited contacts.

Add a New Contact


To add a contact, navigate to the Contacts tab and select the Add Contact icon. Enter information including name, phone number, email address, company, and role.


You can also add an unsaved number as a new contact. Open the conversation thread with an unsaved number and select New Contact or Add to Existing.

Add a New Contact from a Group


To add a new contact from a group, open the conversation thread. Select View Profile to see who's in the group and long-press on the unsaved number, then select New Contact.

Enter information including name, phone number, email address, company, and role.

View a Contact Profile


To view a contact profile, open the conversation thread and select View Profile. It will display additional details about this contact and any integrations shared between you.

Caller ID


To adjust your caller ID for individual calls, select one of these options as shown above:

  • Long-press the Phone icon while in a conversation thread and choose an available caller ID
  • Navigate to SettingsOutbound Caller ID and choose an available caller ID
  • Navigate to the Keypad tab and select Call As to choose an available caller ID

To adjust your caller ID for all calls, you'll need to navigate to your global caller ID settings from the web portal.

Do Not Disturb & Custom Status

Set Do Not Disturb


To turn on Do Not Disturb mode, tap your profile picture in the top-left corner of the Dialpad app and select Do Not Disturb. Select Set Timer if you'd like Do Not Disturb mode to turn off after a specific amount of time passes.

Set Custom Status


To set a custom status, tap your profile picture and select Set Your Status. Dialpad will let you enter text and emoji manually, but there are also preset statuses to choose from.

App Settings

To access settings, tap your profile picture in the top-left corner of the Dialpad app.

Receive Notifications For


Choose to receive notifications for incoming calls, messages, missed calls, and voicemails.

Notification Settings (System Level)


Tailor notification settings on the system level in iOS, not the Dialpad app. Determine if alerts are displayed on your lock screen, in Notification Center, and as a banner. You can also toggle sounds and badges.

Advanced Settings


In the Advanced Settings section, you'll see SMS Forwarding and HD Calling.

SMS Forwarding will forward received messages in Dialpad to your carrier-issued number on this iOS device.

HD Calling will use an internet connection for inbound and outbound calls. It requires a stable cellular or WiFi network, which results in better call quality.



In the About section, view your Dialpad app's current version. It also displays quick access to the Help Center as well as our legal and privacy policy.

Looking to log out or send debug logs to the support team? Buttons to do so are located at the bottom.