Set a Custom Status

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Set a custom status to indicate to others what you're up to. Maybe you're on vacation, or perhaps you just want to let everyone know the task you're working on currently.

If you're looking to set a custom status from a mobile device, visit our Help Center articles on iOS and Android.

Let's take a look at how to set a custom status in Dialpad's desktop app.

Set a Custom Status

To set your status from the Dialpad app, click on your avatar on the top right corner. 

Type a custom status into the text box, or select one of our templated statuses and press the Enter key to confirm.

Dialpad limits a custom status to less than 50 characters and even stores your last 5 custom statuses for easy access.


To use one of your most recent custom statuses, simply click on the empty text box and the drop-down menu will automatically populate with your favorite statues. 


Templated Statuses

Dialpad also offers a variety of pre-made statuses. If you'd like to use one, just select it from the dropdown menu and hit enter. Dialpad will automatically change your status.


If you select Out Sick, or Traveling, Dialpad will offer a prompt to see if you'd like to switch into DND mode. Click No to set the status without transitioning into DND, or select Yes, turn it on if you do want to enter DND.


Status Timer

We've all been there — you set a "BRB" status and then forget to remove it when you return. 

Set a timer to force your custom status to disappear after a specific amount of time.

Select Set a Timer, then choose the timer's length. Your status will then expire after 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 8 hours, the end of the day, or the end of the week.

Or, you can also choose "No timer" which means your status will remain live until you manually remove it. 


Remove a Status 

To remove your status, simply click the large "X" beside your status and it will automatically re-set to a blank status. 





If I put a link in my status, can you click the URL to access the webpage?

Yes, absolutely! Hyperlinks can be clicked from the Contact's profile, or from your sidebar. 


Why don't my recent custom statuses appear when I click the status text box?

You'll need to remove your current status before being able to select a new status from the drop-down menu. Click the large "X" beside your status and it will automatically re-set to a blank status.