Voicemail Management - Early Adopter Program
    • 28 Mar 2024
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    Voicemail Management - Early Adopter Program

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    Dialpad has introduced a new feature called Voicemail Management, which allows managers to assign voicemails to specific agents in order to ensure prompt callbacks. Agents, supervisors, coaches, and operators can leave notes when resolving voicemails to provide context and information. Voicemails can be assigned and resolved by the assigned agent or supervisor, and if unassigned, they will be automatically assigned to the resolving agent. The Call back button enables instant calling of the caller, with resolution notes entered afterwards. Voicemail history provides a summary of actions taken and notes. Supervisors have additional capabilities for bulk voicemail management, including assigning/reassigning, resolving/unresolving, and deleting multiple voicemails. Agents can only manage their own assigned voicemails. The Early Adopter Program is available for those interested in joining, and future plans include adding Voicemail Management details to analytics.

    In the world of customer service, voicemail management is key to keeping clients happy and ensuring a smooth agent workflow. With Dialpad’s newest feature, Voicemail Management, managers can assign voicemails to specific agents (or themselves!) to ensure the customer receives a call back from the right team member. 

    Not only that, Agents, Supervisors, Operators, and Coaches can leave notes when they resolve a voicemail, explaining why they resolved the voicemail, and what was discussed.

    Let’s dive into the details. 

    Voicemail Management is currently in an Early Adopter Program.

    Once released, this feature will be available to users on an Ai Contact Center or Ai Sales plan.
    If your Ai Voice plan includes a Department, you are also eligible for this feature. 

    This feature is available in the Dialpad Desktop and Browser apps, it is not yet available on the mobile apps. 

    Assign a voicemail 

    Voicemails can be assigned to agents, supervisors, coaches and operators within a Contact Center or Department. 

    To assign a voicemail:

    1. Navigate to your Contact Center or Department
    2. Select Voicemails
    3. Hover over the voicemail
    4. Select Assign
    5. Choose the assignee

    When a voicemail is assigned to an agent, they’ll receive a Dialbot notification stating who assigned the voicemail, and from which Contact Center or Department. 

    To see the voicemail, select View Voicemails

    Once a voicemail has been assigned, it can only be resolved by the assignee.

    However, other agents can re-assign the voicemail to themselves and then resolve the voicemail if needed.

    Resolve a voicemail

    Voicemails can be resolved by the assigned agent, or supervisor. 

    If the assigned agent has not resolved the voicemail, it can be reassigned and resolved by another agent or supervisor as needed.    

    If a voicemail is unassigned when resolved, it will automatically be assigned to the resolving agent.

    To resolve a voicemail:

    1. Select Resolve 
      1. This can be done from the Voicemail tab, or when viewing the voicemail in a conversation view.
    2. Enter the resolution notes
    3. Select Resolve
    Resolution notes help provide a complete picture of the interaction.

    This is enabled by default for Contact Centers and can be disabled on the Advanced Settings.

    However, for Departments, the Department admin must enable it in the Advanced Settings

    Unresolve a voicemail

    Need to reopen a resolved voicemail? No problem!

    To unresolve a voicemail:

    1. Navigate to the voicemail
    2. Select Resolved
    3. Enter the reason you’re unresolving the voicemail
    4. Select Unresolve

    The voicemail will now display as unresolved, and can be re-assigned or resolved. 

    Call back

    Use the Call back button to instantly call the caller. 

    Once the call has finished, you’ll be prompted to enter resolution notes. 

    Voicemail history

    Checking the voicemail history will tell you what happened with the voicemail, including actions done and notes.

    To access the voicemail history, go to a Contact Center or a Department on the Dialpad app

    1. Select the Voicemail tab
    2. Navigate to any voicemail
    3. Select Option (that’s the 3 vertical dots on the right)
    4. Select History

    The history will display a summary of the voicemail, including the date, time, and who handles the voicemail.

    Bulk voicemail management

    Supervisors in the Contact Center and Department can make the following actions on voicemails handled by both agents and supervisors

    • Assign / Reassign
    • Resolve / Unresolve
    • Delete 

    Agents can only resolve and unresolve voicemails that are assigned to themselves. If enabled, they can also bulk delete their own voicemails. 

    Assign and reassign multiple voicemails

    Both agents and supervisors can assign and reassign multiple voicemails.

    First, navigate to a Contact Center or a Department on the Dialpad app

    1. Select the Voicemail tab
    2. Select the voicemails that you want to assign or reassign 
    3. Navigate to the Assign icon
    4. Select an agent to assign the voicemail 
    5. Select Assign all 

    Once the voicemails are assigned, the agent will receive a Dialbot alert with the total number of voicemails assigned, the assignor, and the shared line to which the voicemails were assigned. 

    If the voicemails are reassigned, the previous agent will receive a Dialbot alert informing them of the assignor, and the number of voicemails that have been removed. 

    Resolve and unresolve multiple voicemails

    Supervisors can resolve voicemails assigned to other agents or supervisors. The voicemails will then automatically be reassigned to the supervisor.

    Agents can only manage voicemails assigned to them. If they resolve an unassigned voicemail, it will be automatically assigned to the user who resolves it.

    To resolve multiple voicemails, go to a Contact Center or a Department

    1. Select the Voicemail tab
    2. Select the voicemails you want to resolve
    3. Select Resolve or Unresolve  
    4. Enter the resolution notes
    5. Select Resolve all or Unresolve all 
    If an agent resolves a voicemail assigned to someone else, the action will not affect the voicemails not assigned to them. The pop-up message will show a slightly different message.
    Unresolved voicemails will stay assigned to the original agent or supervisor and can then be either reassigned or resolved by a supervisor.

    Delete multiple voicemails

    Looking to remove multiple irrelevant or outdated voicemails all at once? No problem. 

    Supervisors can delete multiple voicemails assigned to other agents and supervisors.

    To delete voicemails, go to a Contact Center or a Department

    1. Select the Voicemail tab
    2. Select the voicemails you want to delete 
    3. Select Delete all 
    Be careful when deleting a voicemail, this action cannot be undone.

    Agents can only delete voicemails if the option is enabled in the Contact Center Advanced Settings.

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I join this Early Adopter Program?

    To join our Early Adopter Program, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

    If you don’t have a Customer Success Manager, please reach out to Customer Support. 

    Why don’t I see the Resolve button on my personal voicemails?

    Voicemail management is only available for Contact Centers and Departments, not your personal voicemails.  

    Do assigned voicemails or resolution notes appear in analytics?

    Not yet, however, we plan on adding Voicemail Management details to our analytics very soon. Stay tuned! 

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