Salesforce SMS Logging for Shared Lines - Early Adopter Program
  • 19 Sep 2023
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Salesforce SMS Logging for Shared Lines - Early Adopter Program

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Article Summary

Logging SMS messages to Salesforce provides insights into communication patterns and business trends, allowing you to track important conversations and stay one step ahead of your clients. While useful in 1:1 conversations, the ability to log SMS messages sent on Shared Lines (i.e. Contact Centers, Departments, or Mainlines) is truly invaluable.  

Let's look at how Salesforce SMS logging works for Shared Lines.

This feature is currently in an Early Adopter Program and is not yet available to all users. 
If you'd like to join the Early Adopter Program, please contact your Customer Success Manager (or Customer Support) to submit an application.

Enable Salesforce SMS Logging

Once SMS logging functionality has been turned on by Dialpad, it's time to enable the feature in your Admin Settings. 

  1. Select My Company
  2. Select Integrations
  3. Beside Salesforce, select Options > Manage settings
  4. Navigate to Log SMS as activities
  5. Select Salesforce Queue 

Configure SMS field mapping

Once SMS logging is enabled in Dialpad, Salesforce Admins can map fields from SMS log objects to activities. 

From your Salesforce Setup Manager:

  1. Navigate to SMS Activity Field Mapping                                              
  2. Enter the log fields, then select Save mapping

For more information on field mapping, be sure to review this Help Center article.

Log an SMS to Salesforce

The Dialpad SMS Log is a Custom Object delivered in the Dialpad managed package, allowing you to capture SMS metadata in Salesforce.

SMS messages are logged as a Task, appearing in your Activity History. 

SMS logging creates tasks for the following scenarios:

  • 1:1 SMS: A single agent sends a message to a single record (contact, account, or lead).
    • A task is then created in the record's activity timeline
  • Shared Line: Multiple agents are masked behind a shared line and send a message to a single record (contact, account, or lead)
    • A task is created in the record's activity timeline. 
  • Group SMS: Multiple agents send a message to a group of records (contacts, accounts or leads).
    • Tasks are logged to each of the involved record's activity timeline
All SMS messages shared between a contact and target within 24 hours are consolidated into 1 Salesforce task.
SMS messages can be logged to:
  • A Salesforce User

  • The default first connected user

  • A shared line to a Salesforce Queue

  • A non-Dialpad number (PSTN)


We’ll mark the task Completed and include the following fields: 

  • Type: Chat 
  • Name: Salesforce Contact Name 
  • Assigned To: Dialpad User’s Name 
  • Priority: Normal 

To avoid overloading tasks, we’ll group as many messages into one task as we can (with a hard limit of 32K characters per task). 

If we need to split out tasks, we’ll mark it with a (1) or (2), in the Task name.

Frequently asked questions

Can I log a text message to an opportunity?

No, but this is coming very soon.

Why don't I see the option for SMS logging on Shared Lines?

This feature must be enabled by Dialpad. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or contact Customer Support to have them turn on this functionality.

Does this work with Salesforce Classic and Lightning?


Does this integration log internal and external messages to Salesforce?

No — we’ll only log SMS sent or received from external contacts (i.e., not people within your Office or Company).

Will MMS (video, image) also log as a Task in Salesforce?

We will provide a link to the MMS file shared within the task.

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