Dialpad + Amazon Alexa
    • 07 Jun 2023
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    Dialpad + Amazon Alexa

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    Welcome to the future of hands-free communications. With Dialpad for Amazon Alexa, your Alexa device can make and receive Dialpad calls and messages, pull your weekly analytic reports, and even join your weekly Dialpad Meetings.

    How it works

    Ready to start using hands-free communication? Just navigate to the Dialpad app in the Alexa Skills store to download and link your Amazon account to Dialpad. 

    Once that's complete, you can start using your Alexa with Dialpad by following these steps:

    1. Start with a Dialpad command — "Dialpad, call Craig" 
    2. Alexa will ring out to your connected devices
    3. Select the device you want to utilize
    4. Call is now being handled through Dialpad 

    Currently, you can use the following devices with Alexa:

    • Deskphones
    • Mobile (requires carrier for inbound calls)
    • Desktop App 
    *Our Alexa integration currently only supports English. 
    When using a command, make sure to include "Dialpad"

    Let's take a look at the available commands and a few example phrases to try. 

    Place a Call

    • "call {FirstName}"
    • "to start a call with {FirstName}"
    • "dial {Number}"
    • "call {Number}"

    Do Not Disturb

    • "turn off do not disturb"
    • "turn do not disturb off"
    • "clock me in"
    • "turn on do not disturb"
    • "clock me out"
    • "turn do not disturb on"

    Analytics Leaderboard

    • "who made the most calls {Date}"
    • "{Date} leaderboard"
    • "leaderboard"
    • "who our top callers were {Date}"
    • "leaderboard {Date}"

    Dialpad Tip:
    {Date} can be any date (ex: today, last week, April 4th, etc.)

    If you'd like to gain access to other team analytics, your Dialpad Administrator will need to grant you analytics access.

    Analytics Total Stats

    • "my outbound call volume {Date}"
    • "how many calls I made {Date}" 
    • "how many calls did I make {Date}"
    • "how many calls did I place {Date}"
    • "how many calls did I receive {Date}"
    • "how many calls I got {Date}"
    • "my inbound call volume {Date}"
    • "how many calls did I get {Date}"
    • "outbound call volume was at our office {Date}"
    • "how many calls we made {Date}"
    • "how many calls did we make {Date}"
    • "how many calls did we place {Date}"
    • "how many calls were placed {Date}"
    • "calls {Date}"
    • "how many calls we received {Date}"
    • "how many calls were received {Date}"
    • "how many calls we got {Date}"
    • "inbound call volume was at our office {Date}"
    • "how many calls did we get {Date}"

    New Text Messages

    • "do I have any new texts"
    • "if I have any new texts"
    • "did anyone text me"
    • "if anyone texted me"
    • "are there new texts"
    • "do I have any new text messages"
    • "if I have any new text messages"

    New Voicemails

    • "play my messages"
    • "do I have any new voicemails"
    • "play my voicemails"
    • "if I have any new messages"
    • "if I have any messages"
    • "do I have any messages"
    • "do I have any new messages"

    Call Recordings

    • "turn call recording off"
    • "turn recording off"
    • "turn call recording on"
    • "turn recording on"
    • "record the call"

    Daily Analytics Report

    • "daily report"
    • "daily analytics"
    • "analytics"
    • "report for yesterday"
    • "for my daily report"
    • "report"
    • "stats for yesterday"

    Transfer a Call

    • "transfer call to {FullName}"
    • "transfer the call to {FullName}"
    • "transfer my call to {FullName}"
    • "transfer call to {FirstName}"
    • "transfer my call to {FirstName}"

    Join a Meeting (Dialpad Meetings)

    • "join my Dialpad Meetings"
    • "join Dialpad Meetings"
    • "call into my Dialpad Meetings"

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