Ai Contact Center
    • 15 Sep 2023
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    Ai Contact Center

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    Dialpad's Ai Contact Center is a comprehensive omnichannel contact center solution that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance customer service. It offers real-time AI suggestions for agents and supervisors, improving service quality and post-call reviews. The platform allows customers to interact with businesses through various channels, including an AI-powered virtual assistant. Dialpad Ai Contact Center provides powerful AI tools and integrations, enabling agents to access customer information, knowledge resources, scripted responses, and automations. It also offers real-time AI analysis to coach and support agents, enhancing customer satisfaction, agent productivity, and reducing churn. The platform uses AI-powered coaching tools to determine customer intent and personalize interactions. Additionally, it provides live and AI agent assistance, ensuring agents have the right information at the right time. Overall, Dialpad Ai Contact Center aims to deliver excellent customer outcomes by streamlining workflows and improving customer-centric metrics.

    Dialpad's Ai Contact Center is the world’s most advanced omnichannel contact center, offering Ai-enabled digital, inbound, and outbound voice capabilities designed to deliver excellent customer outcomes.
    We help organizations understand their customers better so they can reduce churn, streamline agent & supervisor workflows to increase productivity, and dramatically improve customer-centric metrics.


    Dialpad Ai Contact Center provides a toolset that delivers real-time Ai suggestions for both agents and supervisors, improving standards of service both in real-time and post call review.

    Customers can easily interact with your business in any channel they choose, including an AI-powered virtual assistant, solving problems quickly and gaining trust in your brand.

    Let's go over some highlights. 

    Powerful Ai Tools and Integrations

    Instantly connect digital and voice agents to customer information, internal knowledge resources, scripted responses, and automations. Agents know exactly what customers need and have the resources to help them, no matter their entry point. This helps agents provide easy and seamless support across the full customer journey—even if they’re working inside another platform like Salesforce.

    Real-time Ai Analysis

    Dialpad Ai Contact Center helps coach and support agents by providing a suite of robust supervisor tools powered by artificial intelligence, like sentiment analysis and Ai CSAT, which help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, improve agent productivity, and reduce customer
    and agent churn—all while ensuring proper SLA adherence.

    Ai Powered Coaching Tools

    Conversational Ai determines customer intent in both our Ai Virtual Agent and digital channels to improve path selection and personalization. Customers can easily escalate to live agents in
    voice and digital channels, allowing Agents to serve customers quicker and easier.
    Real-time Assist (RTA) cards and Ai Agent Assist ensure agents have access to the right information at the right time. RTA cards deliver pre-programmed responses surfaced by Dialpad Ai. Ai Agent
    Assist acts as the single point of access for all agent knowledge, immediately surfacing relevant information from any connected knowledge center. 

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