Use the iOS App
    • 20 May 2024
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    Use the iOS App

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    Dialpad's cloud-based phone system allows users to stay connected across all their devices, including iOS. The Dialpad for iOS app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The app enables users to make and receive calls, record calls, access call recordings, transfer calls, add callers to active calls, send and receive messages, archive conversation threads, share content from outside apps, check the inbox for various sections like unread messages and voicemails, search for contacts, favorite contacts, add new contacts, view contact profiles, adjust caller ID settings, set do not disturb mode and custom status, customize notification settings, enable dark mode, use the upcoming meetings widget to join meetings from the home screen, and access advanced settings and app information. Users can also log out of the app if needed.

    Dialpad's cloud-based phone system lets you stay connected in real-time across all your devices, including those that run iOS.

    If you haven't already done so, download the Dialpad for iOS app from the Apple App Store.

    Don't forget to use the most recent version of the Dialpad App so that you can enjoy all of our robust mobile features.

    Let's take a look at how to use the iOS app.

    Place a call

    Place a call from the Keypad tab (left) or select the Phone icon (right) while viewing a conversation thread with any contact (right image).

    Receive a call

    To receive a call, swipe over Slide to Answer (left) if your iOS device is inactive (left image) or select the Blue Check icon (right) if your iOS device is active.

    Record a call

    To record a call, select the Rec Off button. Callers will hear a notification stating that the call recording has been turned on.

    Stop recording a call by selecting the Rec On button

    Access recordings 

    Call recordings are available for playback in the iOS app, however, if you want to download a call recording, you'll need to launch Dialpad from a laptop or desktop. 

    Navigate to the Recents tab and open the Recordings section.

    Transfer a call

    To transfer a call:

    1. Select More
    2. Select Transfer
    3. Choose the contact from the list, or enter their name

    Add a caller

    To add a caller during an active call:

    1. Select More
    2. Select Add a Caller
    3. Choose a contact from the list, or entire their name

    You can add up to 3 callers to an active call.

    Send a message

    To send a message:

    1. Select the Message icon from your Inbox
    2. Enter the contact's name or number, then write your message
    3. Press the arrow, or tap enter to send

    If you've recently chatted with a contact, find their name in your Inbox to open the conversation thread and compose a message to send.

    You can also share texts, links & images to channels, as well as select multiple participants.

    You can send a message with a secondary number by picking a secondary number from the drop-down icon next to the "Send From" number.

    Receive a message

    When you receive a message,  you'll see 3 different notifications in three different locations

    • In-App (left): In the Dialpad app, you'll see the message in the Unread section of your Inbox.  The contact's name will also appear in bold, with a blue dot next to their profile picture in the Favorites or Recents tabs.
    • Drop-Down (middle): From outside the Dialpad app, you'll receive a drop-down notification that displays the message's text
    • Notification Badge (right): A small, red dot will appear attached to the Dialpad app's icon and tally unread notifications

    Group messages

    To send a message to a group:

    1. Navigate to your Inbox
    2. Select the Message icon
    3. Enter all contacts' names or number
    4. Compose your message and tap enter to send

    Open the conversation thread for the group and select View Details to see more information. It will display who's in the group and give the option to view their profiles, send individual messages, or call.

    You can also turn off group notifications for this group and rename the group.

    Archive a conversation thread

    To archive a conversation thread:

    1. Navigate to the conversation in your Inbox
    2. Swipe from right to left to reveal the Archive button

    Share from outside apps

    To share content from an outside app, select the Share button and select Dialpad. You'll then get to choose a contact in the Dialpad app to share the content with.

    Check your inbox

    To check your inbox, select the Inbox icon at the bottom of your screen.

    Your inbox is divided into the following sections: Unread, All, Calls, Missed Calls, Voicemails, Recordings, All Messages, Starred, and Spam.

    Search for a contact

    To search for a contact:

    1. Navigate to the Contacts tab
    2. Select the Search icon
    3. Enter a name in the search bar, then you'll immediately get results with the contact's name and number.

    If you select a contact, you'll open the conversation thread. You can then send a message, call, or view their profile.

    Favorite a contact

    To favorite a contact:

    1. Open a conversation thread
    2. Select Tap to view details
    3. Select the Favorite (star) icon    

    Navigate to the Favorites tab to see all favorited contacts.

    Add a new contact

    To add a new contact, navigate to the Contacts tab and select the Add Contact icon. Enter information including name, phone number, email address, company, and role.

    You can also add an unsaved number as a new contact. Open the conversation thread with an unsaved number and select New Contact or Add to Existing.

    Add a new contact from a group

    To add a new contact from a group:

    1. Open the conversation thread
    2. Select View Profile to see who's in the group
    3. Long-press on an unsaved number
    4. Select New Contact
    5. Enter information including name, phone number, email address, company, and role

    View a contact profile

    To view a contact profile, open the conversation thread and tap the contact's name. 

    It will display additional details about this contact and any integrations shared between you.

    Caller ID

    Dialpad offers 3 ways to adjust your caller ID for individual calls:

    • Long-press the Phone icon while in a conversation thread and choose an available caller ID (left)
    • Navigate to Settings > Outbound Caller ID and choose an available caller ID (middle)
    • Navigate to the Keypad tab and select Call As to choose an available caller ID (right)

    To adjust your caller ID for all calls, you'll need to navigate to your global caller ID settings from the web portal.

    Do not disturb 

    To set yourself to Do No Disturb mode:

    1. Tap your profile picture
    2. Toggle Do Not Disturb on
      • Select Set Timer if you'd like Do Not Disturb Mode to turn off after a specific amount of time

    Set custom status

    Use a custom status to let people know where you're at, or what you're working on.

    To set a custom status:

    1. Tap your profile picture
    2. Select Set Your Status
    3. Enter the desired text and/or emojis, or choose from one of Dialpad's preset statuses
      • Select Set Timer if you'd like the status to disappear after a specific amount of time

    Notification settings

    Prioritize your day by customizing what you'll Dialpad activities you'll be notified for.

    Choose to receive notifications for incoming calls, messages, missed calls, and voicemails.

    To update your notification settings:

    1. Tap your profile picture
    2. Navigate to Notifications & Ringtones
    3. Select Personal Notifications or Group Notifications
    4. Toggle on or off notifications for each setting 

    Dark Mode

    To turn on Dark Mode for your iOS device:

    1. Tap your profile picture
    2. Navigate to Themes
    3. Select Dark Mode

    If you'd like the Dialpad app to switch between light and dark modes based on your device's preferences, select Match System. 

    Upcoming Meetings Widget

    Use Dialpad's Upcoming Meetings Widget to easily see the day's current and upcoming meetings, and join them from your home screen. 

    To join an upcoming meeting, tap the Join button to launch Dialpad.

    Dialpad offers 3 different sizes for your widget:

    • The small widget shows only the date and time of the next meeting and the join button. 
    • The medium widget shows the date and time of your next meeting, the join button, and the initials of the accepted participants.
    • The large widget shows the date and time of the next 4 upcoming meetings, the join button, and the initials of the accepted participants.

    Widgets are only supported on iOS 17 and newer, and must be manually added to your iOS device. 

    To add the Dialpad widget:
    1.  Long tap the home screen
    2.  Tap the + button
    3.  Search Dialpad
    4.  Choose the desired  widget shape
    5.  Select Add widget

    Advanced settings

    In the Advanced Settings section, choose if you'd like to use your carrier network when calling, as well as if you'd like your recent calls to appear in the Recents list. 


    In the About section of your Settings, easily view your Dialpad app's current version.

    1. Tap your profile picture
    2. Navigate to About

    You'll also find quick access to the Help Center, as well as our legal and privacy policy.

    Log out

    Looking to log out?

    To log out of your Dialpad app:

    1. Tap your profile picture
    2. Navigate to About
    3. Select Log Out

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