Use Salesforce for Dialpad
    • 01 Apr 2024
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    Use Salesforce for Dialpad

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    Article Summary

    The Dialpad for Salesforce integration brings smarter workflows, increased call efficiency, and better customer interactions to Salesforce—so your teams can focus on driving more sales and closing deals faster.

    Let's dive into the details of this integration. 

    Who can use this feature
    The Salesforce integration is free to install but requires a Pro or Enterprise Dialpad plan type. The Dialpad integration is compatible with both Service and Sales Cloud.  


    To successfully integrate Salesforce within Dialpad, you must:

    • Have an Enterprise or Unlimited edition of Salesforce
    • Be using the lastest Salesforce package — we're currently on v1.760
    • Enable API access

    Dialpad does not store Salesforce activities. It only does a real-time fetch to display information using Salesforce APIs.

    Permission sets

    Dialpad for Salesforce offers two permission sets.

    Be sure to review the below details to make sure that you're using the correct permissions.

    Dialpad For Salesforce - Administrator 

    This permission set is intended for Office Admins and Contact Center Admins, as well as those who need access to the 'Dialpad_Lightning' Tab.  

    With this permission set, you can manage the following features:

    • Powerdialer list creation and management
    • List prioritization
    • Contact Center prioritization
    • Salesforce settings

    Dialpad For Salesforce - Standard User 

    This permission set is intended for agents or non-admin users and should be assigned to Contact Center agents who place calls from Salesforce, and to all the users who create and/or modify Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunity objects in Salesforce.

    With this permission set, agents can access the 'My Dialpad' Tab, where they can see their assigned lists and upcoming records from the Powerdialer.

    If your organization does not use Powerdialer, this permission set is required to ensure proper access to call logging objects and field.

    Connect Salesforce

    To enable and connect Salesforce for Dialpad, your Admin will need to:

    1. Scroll to the bottom of your contact’s profile
    2. Click Connect to Salesforce
    3. Enter your credentials to authenticate the connection


    Salesforce contact matching

    Once you’ve authenticated this connection you'll see a Salesforce match populate on your Contact’s sidebar whenever you have a match.

    Multiple Matches

    If multiple matches appear:

    1. Click on the # of matches
    2. Select the right contact from the populated list
    3. This contact will now sync with your contact in Dialpad


    Once you connect, your Salesforce panel will display the following:

    • Salesforce Record Info
    • View Contact (in Salesforce)
    • Log Activity
    • Open Activities
    • Activity History


    Salesforce Record

    This section displays:

    • Title & Company associated with the Record
    • Record Owner
    • Opportunity Stage (if applicable)

    Log an Activity 

    No need to toggle between Dialpad and Salesforce. Click on Log Activity to enter a subject line and any notes.

    You can log open activities as well as closed activities. Let's take a look at each option. 

    Log an Open Activity

    To log an open activity:

    1. Navigate to your contact
    2. Click Create Task before you place a call
    3. Save Activity before you place a call
    4. The open activity will then show up under Open Activities


    Log a Completed Activity

    To log a completed activity:

    1. Navigate to your contact
    2. Place a call to your contact
    3. On your active call, start typing in your notes 
    4. After you’re done, click Save 


    Dialpad Tip:
    Until you navigate to another contact, you can still enter subject/notes and we’ll associate it with the right call info.


    Just like your desktop app, you can view Salesforce activity for your contacts including an option to log activity and to select the right match when multiple appear. Just tap on the Info icon to display your Salesforce sidebar.


    And if you enter notes during a call (or long-press on a past call), we'll automatically log them as closed activities.

    Just like your desktop app, you can view Salesforce activity for your contacts including an option to log activity and select the right match when multiple appear. Just "Tap to View Profile" and scroll to the Salesforce section. 

    Looking to log an activity on your iOS or Android device?

    • Desktop App
    • Android
    • iOS

    Log a call

    As long as you’ve matched the right contact in Dialpad to Salesforce, all active inbound and outbound calls will automatically log in Salesforce as completed activities.


    The activity will be listed with the default title Dialpad Call and basic call info (call duration, call type).

    Record a call or leave a voicemail in Dialpad and we'll automatically log it back to the associated record in Salesforce.


    If you receive a call from another Dialpad user in your same company, that call will not log to your Salesforce.

    Calls placed via a desk phone will still automatically log as long as there is a contact match. If multiple contacts are found, you will need to select the contact to log against in the desktop app in order for the call to be logged.

    Activity history

    Under Activity History, completed tasks will include:

    • Assigned To: Dialpad user who received/placed the call
    • Subject: Dialpad Call, inbound/outbound, and call duration
    • Call Type: Records call direction
    • Call Duration: Records call duration (in seconds)
    • Start Date/Due Date: Date the call was received/made

    We do not currently log against Type.

    To view all activities in Salesforce, use the View All hyperlink beside the 'Activity History' section. Make sure you have the latest version of our package installed in your Salesforce instance before you click on the hyperlink. You may use the following links to install it right away:

    Visit this Help Center article to find answers for frequently asked questions regarding Salesforce for Dialpad.

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