Dialpad Release Notes 23.05.15
    • 03 Aug 2023
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    Dialpad Release Notes 23.05.15

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    We're always rolling out product updates with new features and capabilities to ensure you get the most out of Dialpad. 

    Dialpad's desktop app and web portal are designed to live at the center of your business communications — be sure to update your desktop app, or visit Dialpad's web portal to take advantage of our latest improvements.

    Let's take a look at what's new from our most recent release on May 15th, 2023.

    You'll also discover some bug fixes to improve reliability. 


    New Names | As Dialpad continues to evolve and grow, we've updated our product names and SKUs to reflect our product offerings and vision for the future.  You'll notice updated licenses and SKU names in the Billing and User section of the Admin Portal, however, nothing is changing in terms of pricing or features.

    • Dialpad Talk ➡ Dialpad Ai Voice 
    • Dialpad Contact Center ➡ Dialpad Ai Contact Center 
    • Dialpad Meetings ➡ Dialpad Ai Meetings 
    • Dialpad Sell ➡ Dialpad Ai Sales 

    Critical Bug Fix

    IVR language bug | Some users reported that when they changed the IVR language for their office, it did not apply to their Coaching Teams. We've fixed this. 

    Other Improvements

    We've also fixed some minor bugs, improving your overall experience with Dialpad.

    Happy Dialing!

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