Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning FAQs
    • 05 Mar 2024
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    Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning FAQs

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    Dialpad and Salesforce Lightning are two robust products. Let's go over some frequently asked questions to make sure you get the best out of this integration. 

    Can I use Lightning on Sandbox?

    Yes, you're able to connect Dialpad accounts to a Salesforce sandbox instance.

    Can I use this integration with a custom app?

    Third-party and custom apps are not supported for Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning. However, depending on the application, it may still be possible to use the Dialpad app on the utility toolbar using our setup steps.

    Unfortunately, our support team can't help troubleshoot third-party or custom applications.

    We have a mix of users on Salesforce Classic and Lightning. Can we enable both integrations?

    Your organization can install both Dialpad for Salesforce Lighting and Dialpad Salesforce Classic integrations. However, users can only be enabled for one integration at a time, they can not use both at the user level.

    Which Salesforce editions are compatible with this integration?

    Enterprise and Unlimited, as well as editions with have API access.

    Additionally, automatic call logging is subject to your instances API call limits. As a Salesforce Admin you can go to Setup > Monitor > System Overview to verify current API call limits. 

    If no notes are added, does the call still log?

    Yes. Even if your caller doesn't answer, a Task will still be created to capture your outbound call.

    Which browsers are supported?

    Right now, Chrome is the only supported browser.

    Do I need to provide browser access to anything?

    Yes, you must provide browser access to your microphone and sound to use our CTIs. While using Google Chrome, copy and paste chrome://settings/content/siteDetails?site=https%3A%2F%2Fdialpad.com to launch the configuration menu.

    Can I use a call recording system with this integration?

    Dialpad actually offers the ability to record your calls at no extra charge. This feature is available for all plan types. 

    Does Dialpad offer call analytics within Salesforce?

    Not at this time.

    Does this integration have voicemail capabilities?

    Yes. Similar to call recording, when you leave a voicemail you'll see it added as a .mp3 link in the Notes of your activity.  

    What can I log a call against?

    Currently, you can log a call against:

    • Accounts
    • Leads
    • Opportunities
    • Cases

    Why can't I click to call numbers?

    If click-to-call looks disabled make sure you have selected Connect Dialpad to salesforce.

    1. Click on the Dialpad Phone icon at the bottom of your screen. If you don't see the phone icon check out this article for more information. 
    2. Click Connect Dialpad to Salesforce

    Why is the Total Number of Times Dialed showing 0?

    Total Number of Times Dialed is only logged if you are using our Powerdialer feature. We cannot prevent logging that section for non-Powerdialer calls, so it will default to 0.

    Can I disable logging an Ai Call Summary to Salesforce?

    Not at this time. If Ai is enabled, the Call Summary will log to Salesforce. If you do not want a Call Summary to log to Salesforce, you will need to disable Ai.

    Can I see live transcripts and Real-Time Assist Cards in Salesforce?

    No. Transcripts and RTA cards are visible from the Dialpad app in a live call, not in the Salesforce CTI.


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