Digital Conversation History
    • 16 Feb 2024
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    Digital Conversation History

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    Article Summary

    Digital Conversation History in Dialpad allows users to track and view their digital interactions and IVR workflows. The level of access to conversation history depends on the user's permissions. Company admins can see all conversations within their company, while office admins can see conversations within their main line, departments, contact centers, and coaching teams. Department and contact center admins have access to conversations within their respective departments and contact centers. Coaching team coaches can see conversations for their trainees. Individual users can view their own calls and access personal call recordings. Dialpad provides conversation history data for voice calls and digital sessions, including IVR workflows and digital engagement interactions. Users can customize the columns displayed in the conversation history table and apply filters based on users or groups, date range, channel type, and call duration. More filters and features will be added in the future, and call records are accessible for at least one year. Call history data can be exported from the call logs section.

    Digital Conversation History provides insight into every minute of your digital interactions and IVR workflows. 

    From the call history menus, you can:

    • Track a user's experience through an IVR menu. 
    • View conversations per channel type.
    • Access interaction transcripts.
    • ... and more!

    Let's dive into the details. 

    Who can use this feature
    Digital Conversation History is available to Digital Engagement (Omnichannel) Contact Center users, as well as Ai Voice users with IVR Workflows.  

    Digital Conversation History permissions

    What you'll see in your Digital Conversation History depends on your Dialpad permissions. 

    • Company Admins can see all conversations within their company. 
      • They can also access Ai Summaries and automatic recordings from shared lines (Departments, Contact Centers, and Coaching Teams)
    • Office Admins can see all conversations within their Main Line,Departments, Contact Centers, and Coaching Teams.
      • They can also access Ai Summaries and automatic recordings from these shared lines.
    • Department and Contact Center Admincan see all conversations within their respective departments and contact centers.
      • They can also access Ai Summaries and automatic recordings from these shared lines.
    • Coaching Team Coaches can see all conversations for their trainees, as well as their Ai Summaries and automatic recordings.
    • Individual Users can see all their own calls and access personal call recordings — they can also access Ai Summaries for these calls.
    Office Admins cannot access call recordings, or Ai Summaries, for calls on personal lines or for calls that were manually recorded by the user. 

    Types of Conversation History

    Dialpad provides Conversation History data on two different types of Dialpad interactions:

    • Voice Call History: Detailed record of voice calls within the Dialpad app 
    • Digital Session History: Detailed record of digital interactions within the Dialpad app
      • Digital interactions include IVR Workflows, and Digital Engagement interactions. 
    This article goes over Digital Conversation History 

    Learn all about Voice Call History in this Help Center article.

    Access Digital Conversation History

    To access your Digital Conversation History, head to

    1. Select Call History 
    2. Navigate to All conversations
    3. Select Digital and workflows

    You'll only see the Digital and workflow option if your company uses IVR Workflows, or has a Digital Engagement Contact Center. 

    Select the arrow beside the agent's name to see each conversation leg. 

    Access conversation summary

    DigitalConversation History also provides easy access to Dialpad's many Ai features, including the conversation's transcript (as long as Dialpad Ai was turned on for the call). 

    To access the call or interaction's Digital Summary, select the Ai icon beside the interaction.

    Here, you'll see the complete conversation details, including any interactions with a chatbot before the client connects to an agent. 

    Select Show internal messages to see the user's responses and prompts as they interacted with the chatbot. 

    Customize Digital Conversation History columns

    Customize the DigitalConversation History table to display only the columns and information that you need. 

    To customize your dashboard columns:

    1. Select Edit
    2. Select the eye icon to view or hide a column 
      1. The User and Contact Center column cannot be hidden.
    3. Select Apply 

    Digital Conversation History filters

    Get granular with your DigitalConversation History data by using multi-target filters. 

    Let's go over the available filter types. 

    User or Groups Filter

    To filter your data by specific user or group:

    1. Select the User or Groups filter
    2. Enter the desired users and groups

    You can filter for the following:

    • User interactions: shows interactions from that user, both as an individual and as an agent/operator for a group they belong to.
      • You can filter this further by any group they belong to.
    • Group interactions (department, main line, or contact center): shows all interactions made by agents on behalf of those groups.
      • Does not include personal calls from those agents/operators.
    • Coaching team calls: shows all individual interactions made by the coaching team members, excluding contact center calls.

    Date range filter

    Filter DigitalConversation History data by a custom date range. 

    1. Select Date Range
    2. Choose from a custom date range, or one of Dialpad's pre-sets
    3. Select Apply

    Channel filter

    Use the channel filter to view interactions that occurred on a specific channel. 

    1. Select Channel
    2. Check the boxes beside the desired channel type
    3. Select Apply 

    If you're looking for IVR Workflow interactions, select the Voice channel.

    Duration filter

    Use the duration filter to choose the length of calls you'd like to view.

    1. Select Duration
    2. Slide the toggle to the desired duration
    3. Select Apply 

    View IVR Workflows in a call 

    Looking to see what options your users selected as they navigated through your IVR Workflow?

    Head to this Help Center article for full details. 

    Frequently asked questions

    Will you be adding more filters?

    Yes! Stay tuned for more as we continue to enhance DigitalConversation History. 

    How far back will this data go?

    Call records of your company’s entire history are accessible for at least one year. 

    Will you be adding saved searches?

    Yes, absolutely! We'll be fine tuning Digital Call History over the next few months and you can expect to see lots of new features. 

    Can I export call history data?

    Not from the call history menu, but you can switch to the analytics menu that includes charting data and then export your call logs to obtain call history.

    You might need to contact Customer Support to have this functionality added to your account. 

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