Provision Yealink Devices to Dialpad
    • 18 Nov 2023
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    Provision Yealink Devices to Dialpad

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    Dialpad supports Yealink deskphones and provides instructions on how to provision them for success. The procedure is for Yealink T3, T4, or T5 series desk phones that do not display "Dialpad Activate" on the front display. To begin, access the phone's web interface by connecting it to the network and obtaining its LAN IP address. Enter the IP address into the browser address bar and proceed based on any browser errors encountered. Log in with the default credentials (admin/admin) or contact IT support if unable to login. Perform a factory reset to remove previous configurations. Configure the desk phone for Dialpad by entering the server URL in the Auto Provision settings. Complete activation by entering a 4-digit code provided in the Dialpad portal when prompted during a phone call. If encountering issues, obtain the MAC address from the bottom of the phone and refer to frequently asked questions for troubleshooting "Warning Set e911 Location Failed."

    Dialpad is proud to support Yealink deskphones!

    Let's review how to provision them to set you up for success. 


    This procedure is for Yealink T3, T4, or T5-series desk phones whose front display shows anything except Dialpad Activate.
    Your Yealink phone must be on the list of Supported Desk Phones and use at least the listed firmware version before proceeding with these steps.

    Access the phone’s web interface

    First, you'll need to access the web interface of your desk phone. 

    1. Connect the device to the network and wait for it to complete the boot process
    2. Get the device’s LAN IP address:
      • Navigate to Menu and select Status 
      • Select IPv4 Address
      • Note or copy the IPv4 address for the next step
    3. Enter the IPv4 address into the browser address bar

    When the page loads, you will see either of two browser errors that you would typically call out to your IT team, but in this case, the phone is within your network and so the error is irrelevant. Choose the next step based on the error you receive

    • For NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID, click Advanced, then Proceed
    • For NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID, type thisisunsafe, then Proceed

      Next, log in with these default credentials:
      • Username: admin
      • Password: admin
        • If you are unable to login, contact your IT admin or the Yealink Support team.

    Factory reset

    Now, we need to make sure that any previous configuration data has been removed and cannot interfere with your Dialpad service.

    Yealink provides two ways to factory reset their devices:

    Factory reset from the device

    • Press and hold the "OK" button for 10 seconds

    Factory reset from the browser

    • Navigate to Settings
    • Select Upgrade
    • Select Reset to Factory

    Configuring for Dialpad

    Next up, you will need to configure the desk phone for Dialpad. 

    The factory reset logs you out, so please complete the steps from the first section (above) to return to the web administration page.

    1. Navigate to Settings > Auto Provision
    2. In the Server URL field, enter
    3. Navigate to the bottom of the page and select Auto Provision Now  
    4. Select Ok, then Confirm 
      • The desk phone’s status LED will blink red as the provisioning process begins. When it shows Dialpad Activate, continue to the next step.
    5. To complete activation, navigate to Dialpad Settings > Your Devices > Add
    6. Select Yealink phone
    7. Name the Device and click Next - you will then be provided a 4-digit Activation code
    8. Pick up the receiver and the phone will automatically dial out. When prompted to enter the activation code, enter the 4 digit code provided in the Dialpad portal.
    9. The phone will restart and register with Dialpad service

    If you have any issues, please get the 12-character MAC address from the bottom of the phone and then contact support.

    Frequently asked questions

    How can I fix 'Warning Set e911 Location Failed'?

    Press the Cancel button and your device will function properly.


    This warning can appear when a device is power cycled, factory reset, re-provisioned, or newly registered.  

    If you'd like to confirm your e911 location is accurate, please call 933 (a complementary 3rd party service) to verify the details. 

    • User and Office e911 is required to use Dialpad
    • Dialpad stores and transmits e911 information via our core network to e911 operators; the information is not stored in the phone

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