Mobile Calling Overview
    • 08 Jun 2023
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    Mobile Calling Overview

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    When it comes to making a call through the mobile app, sometimes it can get a little confusing knowing exactly how it’s being made: if you’re not on WiFi, are you using data or cell minutes? What’s the difference between WiFi calling and data? Which settings are best for the office, at home, or your favorite coffee shop?

    When you Enable HD Calling (and connect to a stable WiFi network), you’re using the Internet to place and receive your Dialpad Meetings calls. Your mobile carrier isn’t involved at all - meaning you’re not using data or cell minutes for your calls.

    Let's go over the details below.

    How do I know I’m using WiFi?

    As long as you’re connected to a stable WiFi network (like at the office), and you’ve chosen HD Calling when connecting to your conference, you’re using WiFi.

    Some areas, however, aren’t set up to handle HD Calling. So while you’re favorite coffee spot may brew up a great latte, it probably isn’t going to serve up the call quality you need. In those cases, your mobile app may default to using cellular data to place your call.

    If you want to avoid this, we’d suggest not choosing HD Calling if you are not sure of the area you are in.

    Cellular Data

    With cellular data, your phone transmits signals - places calls - with the help of cell towers. When you’re using cellular data, you have the same accessibility that you had with WiFi. The only difference is that with WiFi, you don’t have to worry about running over your allotted data for the month.

    If you’ve chosen HD Calling, you’ll know you’re connecting to your conference calls with cellular data because you’ll see 4G/LTE or 3G up at the top of your device’s screen. In the case where you have both WiFi and LTE, we’ll try connecting to your conference with WiFi first.

    Cellular Minutes

    You’ll use cellular minutes when connecting to your conference with the app if you’ve chosen Carrier Call. You’ll want to check with your cell provider, but most plans include unlimited minutes.

    There are some drawbacks/limitations to using cellular minutes with the mobile app:

    • Uses carrier minutes (if your plan isn't unlimited)
    • Higher rates for international calls.
    • If you’ve chosen Carrier Call, you’ll know you’re connecting to your conference with cell minutes because you’ll see reception bars up at the top of your device’s screen.

    Plus, the call will be placed with your native dialer using the conference number of the conference you are connecting to.

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