Ai Scorecard FAQs
    • 18 Apr 2024
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    Ai Scorecard FAQs

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    Ai Scorecards is one of Dialpad's many Ai features. It's an amazing way to monitor your team's performance and ensures all of your contact center calls are graded with objectively.

    Let's go over some commonly asked questions about Ai Scorecards.

    How are scores calculated when a question is skipped?

    When a grader skips a question (if applicable), that response is excluded from the grade calculation. 

    For example, when John grades Mary’s call, he skipped 3 questions, totaling 30 points. The scorecard is worth 100 points and the agent received 60 points for the first 3 questions, 0/10 points on question 4, and then skipped questions 5 (5 pts), 6 (10 pts), 7 (5pts), and 8 (10 pts), totaling 30 points skipped. This results in a score of 60/70, which works out to 85.71 => 86%.

    Is screen recording available while grading a call?

    Not at this time.

    Are Ai scorecards automatically included in my plan?

    There is an additional monthly fee to use the Ai scorecard feature. 

    What languages do Ai scorecards support?

    Currently, Ai scorecards are available only in English. But stay tuned, we're adding more functionality soon! 

    Why don't I see Ai scorecards on the mobile app?

    Currently, Ai scorecards are available only on the Dialpad browser app and our desktop app. You will not see Ai scorecards on your Dialpad mobile apps. 

    Can I restrict visibility to my scorecards (so only I can see them)?

    Currently, there is no way to restrict visibility to Ai scorecards. When you create an Ai scorecard, it will be visible to all other supervisors, contact center admins, office admins, and QA graders.

    How do I add Ai scorecards to my account?

    There are 2 options to add Ai scorecards to your Dialpad account:

    1. Contact your Customer Support Manager 
    2. Contact Customer Support 

    Can I use Ai scorecards on any call?

    No. Ai scorecards can be used on contact center and coaching team calls only. 

    Coaching Team meeting calls must be graded with a 'traditional' scorecard, as AI-powered scorecards are not yet available for meetings.  

    Can I use Ai scorecards during my free trial?

    Not at this time. Ai scorecards are available on paid Ai sales and contact center plans. 

    Can I edit trigger words or phrases on a published scorecard?

    Yes, absolutely!

    Can I edit questions on a published Ai scorecard?

    Not at this time. You can only edit trigger words and phrases, not the scorecard questions. 

    Why aren’t all of my trigger words and phrases being answered by Ai?

    The Ai QA question engine runs in real-time and matches against words and phrases immediately after they are spoken. Occasionally, these immediate words are updated a few seconds later, once more context is available (usually due to punctuation, time, date, currency, or  number formatting)

    Transcript adjustments sometimes lead to Ai questions being missed, even if the phrase is present in the final call transcript.

    For example, the real-time sentence “Thank you for calling office three six five support how may I help” is formatted to “Thank you for calling Office365 support. How may I help?” after the call is completed. 

    The phrase “How may I help” was missed as a separate sentence because is it transcribed in real-time as “how may I help”.

    Can we have Ai turned on to use Ai scorecards but not have the audio recorded (due to recording laws)?

    No. The Ai scorecards feature is built off of Ai scorecards and therefore still requires call recording.

    Why don't I see the option to rate a call in the web call history?

    The option to rate/grade a call (Ai scorecards) will only populate in the web call history if it's a recorded contact center call.

    If certain area codes should not be recorded, is it mandatory to add them to the exception list?

    Yes! Please see Add All-Party Consent States to Exception List for more information. 

    Once I’ve created a new Ai scorecard, can it analyze my agents' historical calls?

    No.  Once a Ai scorecard has been created and published it will begin to analyze all net new calls from the time the scorecard was published.

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