Use Over-the-Phone Commands
  • 30 May 2023
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Use Over-the-Phone Commands

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Article Summary

Joining a meeting from your phone doesn’t mean you can't access call controls. You're still able to operate a limited amount of controls on Dialpad Meetings through over-the-phone commands.

Different users will have different over-the-phone commands available to them. 

Let's look at the options below.

Commands available to all participants

All participants are able to use the following over-the-phone commands:

  • Unmute
    •  Press **

Commands available to Organizers

Organizers are able to use the following over-the-phone commands:

  • Lock Meeting
    • Press ##
  • Record Meeting
    •  Press 00
  • End the Meeting
    • Press *3
  • Mute Everyone
    • Press *6
      • All participants regardless of platform(i.e. dial-in, web, and mobile) will be muted. 
  • Dialpad Ai
    •  press 88
      • If both Ai and call recording are turned on but call recording gets turned off, Ai will automatically get turned off and needs to be turned back on
In order for you to be recognized as the Organizer, you’ll need to call in with your Organizer phone number.

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