Skills-Based Call Routing
    • 04 Oct 2023
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    Skills-Based Call Routing

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    Article Summary

    Skills based routing in Dialpad allows businesses to prioritize calls based on agents' proficiency for specific types of calls. Admins can configure skills based call routing by accessing the Admin Settings on and selecting Ai Contact Centers. From there, they can choose the desired Contact Center and navigate to Business Hours Call Routing. By selecting Skills based and rating each agent from 0 (lowest) to 100 (highest), admins can determine the agents' proficiency levels. All agents start with a rating of 100 by default. If multiple agents have the same rating, Dialpad routes calls to the agent with the longest idle time. This feature helps ensure that calls are handled by agents who possess the necessary skills for specific call types.

    Certain types of calls require a certain finesse that might not be found in all of your agents. Skills-based routing allows you to prioritize how Agents in a Contact Center receive calls based on their ranked proficiency for that type of call.

    Let's take a look at skills-based routing in Dialpad.

    Who can use this feature

    Skills-based routing is available to Ai Contact Center and Ai Sales Customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

    * Our discontinued 'Ai Voicewith Contact Center Add-On' license also supports this feature but is limited to existing customers.

    Configure skills-based call routing

    To configure skills-based call routing, head to your Admin Settings from

    1. Select Ai Contact Centers
    2. Choose the desired Contact Center
    3. Navigate to Business Hours & Call Routing
    4. Select Edit Call Routing
    5. Select Skills-based
    6. Select Rate your agents
    7. Rate each agent 
      1. 0 is the lowest rating, and 100 is the highest rating
      2. By default, all agents start with a rating of 100
    8. Select Close

    If multiple agents share the same rating, Dialpad routes a call to the agent with the longest idle time.

    Please review this Help Center article to learn more about all available call routing rules for a contact center.

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