Contact Center Dashboards
    • 19 Jul 2024
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    Contact Center Dashboards

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    Real-time metrics let you make real-time decisions. Get real-time insights into your business with Dialpad's built-in contact center dashboards. Monitor metrics such as ongoing calls, average speed to answer, agent availability, and more.

    With a leaderboard that tracks call volume, moments, and sentiment, managers can easily pinpoint where agents or reps need help.

    Let's take a look at how these dashboards work. 

    Who can use this feature
    Contact Center Dashboards are available to Ai Contact Center users. 
    Contact Center admins, supervisors, and coaches can access the Supervisor Dashboard.  

    Access Contact Center dashboard

    Contact Center Dashboards can be accessed from your Dialpad Admin Settings, or from the Dialpad app. 

    Access from Admin Settings

    To access the live Contact Center Dashboards from your Admin Settings.

    1. Select the Live Dashboard icon (that's the ECG icon)
    2. Select the Calls tab

    Access from the Dialpad app

    To access live Contact Center Dashboards from the Dialpad app:

    1. Select the desired Contact Center 
    2. Select the Live Dashboard Icon (that's the ECG icon)

    A new browser tab will open, taking you to the Contact Center Dashboard. 

    Dashboard types

    Dialpad provides three out-of-the-box Contact Center Dashboards:

    • Calls Dashboard.
    • Contact Centers Dashboard.
    • Digital Dashboard. 

    Let's look at each one. 

    Calls Dashboard

    The Calls Dashboard displays an easy-to-read summary of your Contact Center's health and performance. Quickly review large, visual representations of your handled calls, total calls, missed calls, abandoned calls, call volume, average call duration, live calls, SLA, Agent-to-Caller Ratio, speed to answer, Agent status, and an Agent Leaderboard.

    The Calls Dashboard allows you to filter for one or more Contact Centers, and the desired time frame.

    To view additional filters, use the Contact Centers Dashboard.

    If you are filtering for multiple Contact Centers in the Calls Dashboard, the Agent Status details will not populate.

    Contact Centers Dashboard

    The Contact Centers Dashboard displays a table view of your chosen filters, for the desired Contact Center. Filter by time, Contact Center, and action column. 

    The Contact Centers Dashboard allows you to monitor multiple Contact Centers at once. Be sure to read this Help Center article for more information. 

    Digital Dashboard

    The Digital Dashboard displays a summary of your Digital Contact Center's sessions and performance. Easily review large, visual representations of your active agent sessions and session capacity, survey engagement, survey CSAT score, total agent sessions, automated sessions and the number of customers actively in your queue. 

    Customize your dashboard

    Dialpad's dashboards can be customized to display the exact data you want. 

    Choose the timeframe for which you want to see data (the current hour, previous hour, the last 2 hours, the last 4 hours, the last 8 hours, or even the entire day), filter by Contact Center to view aggregate data, or view each Contact Center individually.

    Customize the columns in the Contact Centers dashboard to see the following information:

    • Contact Center name.
    • Contact Center abbreviated name.
    • Queued calls.
    • Longest wait time.
    • Number of available agents.
    • Number of agents on a call.
    • Number of agents in wrap-up.
    • Total number of inbound calls.
    • Number of inbound calls answered.
    • Number of inbound calls abandoned.
    • Number of inbound calls missed.
    • Number of voicemails. 
    • Number of outbound calls connected.
    • Number of outbound calls canceled.
    • Average speed to answer (ASA).
    • Service level.
    • Average call duration (ACD).

    Summary metrics

    The Calls Dashboard provides several unique widgets to display a full summary of your Contact Center's performance and health. 

    Choose to review data from the current hour, the previous hour, the last 2 hours, the last 4 hours, the last 8 hours, or the entire day.

    The first 6 summaries display information on:

    • Handled Calls: Inbound, Outbound, and Connected Calls.
      • Total includes any calls that live calls.
    • Talk Talk Time (in minutes): Total number of inbound calls and outbound calls.

    • Missed Calls: Number of missed calls and missed calls that were sent to voicemail.

    • Abandoned Calls: Number of abandoned calls, as well as short abandoned calls.
      • Includes calls received during closed hours.
      • Excludes calls that left a message.
    • Call Volume:Call volume noted by hour and call type.
      • Separate visuals for inbound and outbound calls.
    • Average Call Duration: Average call duration per day, and compared to the last 7 days.
      • Separate visuals for inbound and outbound calls.


    Hover over data in either to get a more exact view of a specific time and its performance.

    Select on a call volume metric, and you'll be taken to the Call History menu for that subset of calls.

    Agent status, live calls, & service level

    Gain deeper insight into your Contact Center's busiest times by reviewing the Agent Status widget, along with the Live Calls and Service Level metrics. 

    • Agent Status provides a live view of the total number of agents assigned to the Contact Center and their statuses. 
    • Live Calls displays the number of calls in progress and queued.
    • Service Level displays the percentage of calls answered during the Contact Center's open hours, within the time threshold set for that Contact Center (default is 60 seconds).
      • Short Abandoned Calls are excluded, and the answer time is calculated as the difference between the moment the call arrives ('date_started') and when it connects to an Agent ('date_connected')

    Hold queue metrics

    Hold Queue Metrics provides insight into your staffing needs. Hold Queue metrics include Speed to Answer, Abandon Rate and Agents:Caller ratios. 

    • Speed to Answer displays the shortest, longest and average amount of time it takes your Agents to answer a call. 
    • Abandon Rate displays the percentage of calls that are Abandoned by the caller before reaching your Agents. 
      • It is further broken down into the shortest, longest, and average amount of time the caller waited before hanging up.
    • Agent:Callers displays the average ratio of agents to callers, as well as the number of callers currently in your queue.
      • This helps identify the current handling capacity (or lack thereof!) for your Contact Center.
      • Agents included are those available to take calls, on a call, or in wrap up time for the given Contact Center specifically. 
      • Callers included are those currently on a call, or in the hold queue for the given Contact Center.

    Agent leaderboard

    Use the Agent leaderboard to review you Agent's performance and easily see who is on a call or not. 

    The agent leaderboard displays the:

    • Agent name.
    • Agent status.
    • # of inbound calls.
    • # of total minutes.
    • Average call duration.
    • # of total texts.
    • # of missed calls.
    • # of outbound calls.
    • Total wrap-up time.
    • Total idle time.

    Select an agent and you'll be taken to the Call History menu for their subset of calls.

    Visit this Help Center article to learn more about Contact Centers.

    Frequently asked questions

    Why does the total row of the "Agents Available" column on the All Contact Centers dashboard not add up to the sum of the numbers in the rows for all the call centers above it?

    The total row for Agents Available calculates the number of distinct agents. Remember, an agent can be available in more than 1 Contact Center at the same time.

    Which agents are included in the agent leaderboard and agent status widgets?

    The agent leaderboard and agent status widgets display active users belonging to the Contact Center that are being viewed.
    Cancelled, deleted and suspended users will not be shown on the leaderboard, nor will anyone who has not yet accepted their Dialpad invite.

    How often does the data refresh?

    The Call Dashboard updates once per minute. 

    The Live Calls and Agent Status details update every 15 seconds.

    On the Contact Center Dashboard, the refresh rate is 5, 10 seconds, 11, 30, 50, or 90 seconds.

    • Agent Status: 11 seconds
    • Call Volume: 90 seconds
    • Call Duration: 90 seconds
    • Wait Time: 10 seconds
    • Abandon Rate: 90 seconds
    • Agents to Callers: 5 seconds
    • Live Calls: 5 seconds
    • Total Calls: 90 seconds
    • Total Minutes: 90 seconds
    • Total Missed: 90 seconds
    • Total Abandoned: 90 seconds
    • Agents: 50 seconds
    • Service Level: 5 seconds

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