Dialpad + Pipedrive

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Create custom Dialpad and Pipedrive CRM workflows by choosing triggers, actions, and searches.

While Dialpad does not have a native Pipedrive integration, we do integrate with Zapier and with Zapier, you will be able to send info between Dialpad and Pipedrive automatically—no code required.

Who can use this feature?

To use Zapier's Dialpad + Pipedrive integration, you will need a Zapier plan, as well as Dialpad. 

How to enable the Zapier integration

First, you will need to configure your Dialpad + Zapier integration. 

Read this Help Center article to learn how. 

Zapier and Pipedrive

Once you've enabled Zapier with Dialpad, you'll need to connect your Pipedrive CRM to Zapier. 

As this is done through Zapier itself, and not our native app, please refer to this article, or contact your Zapier team for set-up assistance.