Dialpad + Clio Manage
  • 27 Sep 2023
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Dialpad + Clio Manage

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Article Summary

Clio Manage is the cloud-based legal practice management software that helps you easily run your firm, organize cases, and collaborate with clients. Having a natively integrated business phone system means firms keep all their interactions in a single place without having to waste time manually entering data.

Law firms can use the Clio Manage integration with Dialpad to connect with clients all from a single platform, no matter the device.

Who Can Use This Feature
To use the Clio Manage integration, you'll need a Ai Voice license on the Pro or Enterprise plan, as well as a Clio Manage license (at the Boutique or Elite level).
You must be a Company Admin in Dialpad to set up the integration; if you're a G Suite or Office 365 Admin, please use these instructions in our Help Center to authenticate as a Dialpad Admin.

Set up Dialpad in Clio Manage

To set up Dialpad in Clio Manage, first, go to Clio Manage.

  1. Select Personal Settings 
  2. Select Apps
  3. Navigate to VoIP
  4. Select Dialpad
  5. Select Connect
  6. Enter your Dialpad account credentials to sync both services

You also need to install the Dialpad Extension for Chrome in order to enable click-to-call functionality.

Now, let's discuss the capabilities unlocked through this integration between Dialpad and Clio.


Click, call, connect

Simply click on a client number inside of Clio Manage to automatically launch Dialpad Everywhere — our always-on-top call widget that includes call controls, real-time transcription powered by Dialpad Ai, and shared contact details with other platforms such as Office 365, G Suite, and Salesforce.

Call logging

Calls placed with Dialpad from inside Clio will automatically log back to that client's profile including the individual who placed or received the call, the contact called, the timestamp and duration, and the call direction.

If a single matter is tied to the contact, Clio will automatically include that as part of the phone log. Calling from Dialpad instead? No problem – calls are still logged back to Clio Manage which means users can switch between desk phones, laptops, or cell phones and still capture activities.

Automatic call transcriptions

Never second guess what was said during a call with Ai-powered transcriptions that are automatically surfaced during your call as well as available post-call within the Dialpad platform.

Post-call summaries include:

  • Contact details like name or number
  • Call details including direction, timestamp, or length
  • Full transcription and audio recording (if turned on)
  • Ability to download or share with specific individuals

Unlimited audio recordings

With no limits on call recordings, firms can turn on recordings across all their team's calls without running up against a storage cap. Recordings are surfaced post-call within your summaries as well as saved in your Dialpad platform. Like transcriptions, recordings can always be downloaded by the user who handled the call.

Frequently asked questions 

What call logging is supported with this integration?

Call records will automatically be logged back to Clio, regardless of whether the call was initiated from Dialpad or from Clio directly and will include who placed or received the call, the contact called, the timestamp and duration, and the call direction (inbound or outbound). If there is a single matter connected to the contact, that will also be automatically linked to the phone log.

Do I have to make calls from Clio to capture phone logs?

Nope! You can use the Dialpad app (desktop or mobile) and have calls still log back to your contacts. Just make sure the phone number you're using in Dialpad matches the contact record inside of Clio Manage.

Can I turn off transcriptions or recordings?

Absolutely. You have the flexibility of turning off transcriptions or recordings (or both) on any call, whether inbound or outbound. Interested in learning more about best practices? Check out this guide on transcription & recording notifications.

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