Toll-Free Usage on Meetings

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Does Dialpad Meetings charge per minute?

Dialpad Meetings does not charge you per minute to use your toll-free license, however, there is a Fair Use Policy in our Terms of Service and can be found at

How do I keep my toll-free usage down?

We offer multiple different joining options for participants, which include the following:

How is the usage calculated?

The toll-free usage is based on the total number of minutes used per participant in your meetings. For example, if you have 10 participants, each called your toll-free number for 10 minutes, then that's 100 minutes. The typical usage for users is around 2K minutes. 

What happens if I go over 2K minutes?

Dialpad Meetings does monitor users' toll-free usage per billing cycle. If you reach 5x that of a typical user in a single billing cycle our Support team will reach out to help with either reducing your usage or downgrading you to a local line.