Microsoft Teams + Dialpad Meetings

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With the Dialpad Meetings integration for Microsoft Teams, you can create a new meeting link to hop on an audio call, video call, or screen share in 1:1 chats or in group channels.

With the integration you can: 

  • Launch a Dialpad Meetings   
  • Join a Dialpad Meetings
  • Share a link to audio recording
  • Share a post-call transcript (requires Dialpad Meetings Business)

Let's take a look at this integration.

Install the Integration

Visit the AppSource App store and search for Dialpad Meetings.

Supported Team Commands

The Dialpad Meetings + Microsoft Teams Integration supports a variety of commands:

@uberconference start [title]

Starts a meeting using your personal room with the title provided.

@uberconference join [username]

Starts a meeting using the specified user's room.

@uberconference help

Provides a list of supported commands.


Share Recordings & Post Call Transcripts


If your recording settings are set to “anyone with the link can access”, a link to the recording will automatically be provided post-meeting in the Teams message or channel Dialpad Meetings was initiated from.

Recording access can be managed here.

Post-Call Transcript

As part of our Dialpad Ai feature, Dialpad Meetings Business users can share a link to the post-call summary, which includes a transcript and meeting highlights.

After the Dialpad Meetings call has ended, and if Ai was turned on during the meeting, the organizer will get a prompt from Teams asking if they would like to share the summary. If the meeting organizer selects to share the summary, a link to access it will be shared in the Team message or channel Dialpad Meetings was initiated from.