Add & Remove a Co-Host

You can add a co-host during an active meeting or designate a co-host for all of your meetings. Co-hosts can toggle Dialpad Ai and audio recording, set a meeting title, kick out Participants, and more. You're also able to assign multiple co-hosts for the same meeting.

It takes just a few clicks to set up, and then your co-host is able to manage the meeting as you normally do.

Let's take a look at co-hosting in Dialpad Meetings.

Who can use this feature?

Co-hosting is available to customers with a Dialpad Meetings Business license.

Enable Co-Hosting

From the Dialpad Meetings dashboard, navigate to Settings and scroll down to the Allow Co-Hosts with Access to Organizer Controls toggle. You can always toggle this off to disable co-hosting.



Not seeing this option? If you're part of a team, you may need to request that your Admin turns on co-hosting for the entire company.

Add or Remove a Co-Host

In-Meeting (One-Time Co-Hosts)


From an active meeting, open the Participant Controls drop-down and select Make a Co-Host. You're able to choose Participants on your team or anyone from outside the company who joined the meeting.

Dialpad Meetings will automatically convert a chosen Participant to a co-host with Organizer-level controls. Choose as many co-hosts as you'd like, and they will only serve as co-hosts for the active meeting.

If you'd like to remove a co-host, return to the same drop-down and select Remove Co-Host.

Settings Menu (Designated Co-Hosts)


From the Dialpad Meetings dashboard, navigate to Settings > Approved Co-Hosts.

Select Add Co-Hosts, then enter names or email addresses for designated co-hosts. Keep in mind that they must be on the same team as you; designated co-hosts cannot come from outside the company.

Co-hosts assigned through this method will serve as co-hosts for all future meetings that you are the Organizer for.

If you'd like to remove a designated co-host, return to the same menu and select Edit. Choose a co-host to remove, then select the 'X' icon.

Co-Host Controls


Co-host controls are identical to an Organizer's controls during a meeting.

Here is the full list of what a co-host can control:

  • Audio Recording
  • Diapad Ai
  • Meeting Lock
  • Meeting Title
  • Mute
  • Participant Removal

Co-hosts can also access the transcript after the meeting ends, and they're able to access the audio recording if the Organizer granted access to anyone with a link.

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