Moderate a Meeting
    • 19 Sep 2023
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    Moderate a Meeting

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    Meeting organizers using Dialpad Meetings have the ability to moderate their meetings by controlling participants' actions. They can prevent participants from muting others or sharing their screens, ensuring a smooth meeting experience. The host controls allow organizers to enable participants to share screens, mute others, mute all participants, lock the meeting to prevent unannounced joiners, and toggle on/off certain features. By default, only the meeting organizer has moderation privileges, but co-hosts can also be granted access to these controls by updating the Dialpad Meetings settings. Co-hosts have the same control capabilities as organizers during the meeting and can access the transcript and audio recording if granted permission by the organizer.

    Meeting Organizers can moderate their meetings to prevent all Participants from muting others or enabling a screen share.

    This way, you don't have to worry about click-happy or non-technical Users muting or screen sharing, or keeping their mic on while they are on the subway.

    Let's take a look at moderating in Dialpad Meetings. 

    Who can use this feature
    Moderating a meeting is available to Dialpad Meetings Free and Business customers.

    Host controls

    Meeting Organizers can easily access their Host Controls during an active meeting. 

    Click the Host Controls icon (that's the security badge) to:

    • Enable Participants to share their screens
    • Enable Participants to Mute others
    • Mute all Participants 
    • Lock the Meeting so others cannot join unannounced
    • Turn Ai on or off 

    When checked, Participants are unable to mute others, or share their screens.

    Organizers can, however, continue muting and screen sharing while moderating is turned on.

    By default, after the 11th participant joins a meeting, all subsequent participants will be muted. This prevents all random background noise and echoes.

    Co-Host controls

    By default, only the meeting Organizer can moderate the meeting. However, if you would like your co-host to be able to access organizer controls, this is possible by updating your Dialpad Meetings settings, by toggling on "Allow co-hosts with access to organizer controls" 


    Co-host controls are identical to an Organizer's controls during a meeting.

    They can control:

    • Audio Recording
    • Diapad Ai
    • Meeting Lock
    • Meeting Title
    • Mute
    • Participant Removal

    Co-hosts can also access the transcript after the meeting ends, and they're able to access the audio recording if the Organizer grants access to anyone with a link.

    Learn more about Co-Hosting in this Help Center article.

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