Text Message Campaign Registry for Dialpad Customers

As part of the phone industry’s efforts to combat spam and improve the delivery of legitimate text messages, organizations that send text messages to US ten-digit phone numbers are required to register the phone numbers that they are using for their SMS messaging campaigns.

Ensure delivery of your text message by registering your SMS campaign with an A2P trust vendor. 

Such registries use standard ten-digit phone numbers (also known as 10DLC) as part of an industry-wide effort to reduce unwanted text messages. All major communications service providers, including Dialpad, are members of such trust vendors.

How do I know if I am affected by this?

All companies that use SMS will be affected by the new industry rules, including person-to-person conversational messages, but you are more likely to notice an impact on your messaging if you send a substantial amount of outbound SMS, such as large companies, companies that use messaging for marketing, and companies that use Dialpad’s API to send SMS.

Why do I need to register my text messaging campaign?

By registering, you validate your company to the United States messaging ecosystem, which will:

  • Ensure your messages get delivered to your users and customers, and
  • Reduce the cost to your business based on Dialpad passing through the increased costs of unregistered campaign emails

What do I need to do?

Registration for most users takes less than 5 minutes. Here’s what to expect:

Basic Company Information

Be ready to provide your company’s basic information such as:

  • Legal company name
  • Contact information
  • EIN/TIN Industry Segment
Messaging Usage Details

Let’s get some more details about the types of messages you send. You will need to answer questions similar to:

  • How do SMS or MMS get sent to consumers, or mobile phone users, who are not in your company?
  • Are there links or phone numbers of third parties sent in messages?
  • Do you collect Opt-In confirmation before contacting a consumer?
  • Have examples of regular, pre-defined, or automated messaging.

This information will be reviewed (and potentially rejected) by third parties. We recommend following our Messaging Principles and Best Practices.

Ready to get your company registered?

Have your Company Admin click the link below:


Don't know who your Company Admin is? Reach out to Dialpad Support for assistance! 

How can I learn more about use cases?

Advanced messaging users will need to distinguish between various types of messaging, such as marketing, customer service, and transactional messaging. Dialpad has a Help Center Article explaining each use case.

Is there a cost for registering?

Not at this time. The Campaign Registry charges registration and usage fees to Dialpad based on our customer’s text messaging. During the introductory period, Dialpad is not passing these fees along to customers. Billing adjustments will be reflected in your normal billing cycle after this period, and the cost will be confirmed with your Customer Success Manager.

Already registered somewhere else?

Great! We can save you some time. If you have previously registered your brand and received a vetting score while you were a customer of another provider, we can import your brand’s vetting data into Dialpad. Register now to begin the import process.

Questions or need guidance?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Dialpad’s Support Team via phone or email, and ask about Campaign Registration. 

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