Scheduled Reports

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Dialpad will deliver scheduled reports to your email address as frequently as necessary. You're likely running the same reports as part of a routine, and now you can automate that process using scheduled reports.

Let's take a look at scheduled reports in Dialpad.

Who can use this feature?

Scheduled Reports is a feature available to Dialpad Ai Voice, Ai Sales, and Contact Center customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Create a Scheduled Report


From, navigate to Analytics. Set your filter criteria and then select Export (.csv) Schedule.


Name the scheduled report, then double-check its filter criteria to meet expectations. Filters determine the available report options; therefore, it's key to have the correct filter criteria open in the Analytics dashboard first.

Set the frequency of the report's delivery to daily, weekly, or monthly. You'll also need to choose the exact time that Dialpad delivers the report.

Choose as many report options as you need to get the appropriate CSV files delivered at the same time.

Select Save Changes to schedule the report(s).

Edit or Delete a Scheduled Report


From, navigate to Your Settings Scheduled Reports.

Select View & Edit Schedule in the drop-down menu alongside a scheduled report to make any necessary adjustments, or Delete Schedule to discontinue the scheduled report.

You can also select View Analytics to see the information gathered by the scheduled report in Dialpad's regular Analytics dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I schedule reports for someone else?

No, scheduled reports are created by and for the user receiving them. You can, however, set up a rule in your email inbox to automatically forward the report.

Do any of the additional filters apply when scheduling reports?

Only the target filter is used. If you apply other filters before creating a new scheduled report, those will be ignored.

What time range will I receive data for?

It depends on the frequency. If you choose daily, you'll be sent results for the previous day. If you choose weekly or monthly, it will be for the previous week or month.

Why didn't I get all the data after choosing the 'daily' frequency?

Data is loaded into the system periodically; if you asked for a daily report to be delivered at 8AM, it's possible that the job will not be complete by then. We're actively working to improve this, but, in the meantime, scheduling daily reports for later in the day (such as at 1PM) is recommended.

How long do I have to open the report sent to me via email?

The link will expire after 72 hours.

Why don't I see all report options?


Report types will vary according to what tab you're viewing; for example, to view CSAT or Agent Status reports, you'll need to open those tabs first.