Dialpad in Salesforce Omni-Channel


Salesforce Omni-Channel is a comprehensive customer service solution that enables Agents to automatically receive 'objects' such as cases and leads in real-time without needing to look at lists with their work.

Using this integration, Omni-Channel can accurately update an Agent's status when on a call in Dialpad. Omni-Channel will also set Dialpad to off-duty when handling non-call communication queues.

Setting up Salesforce Omni-Channel

To set up Salesforce Omni-Channel, install the Dialpad CTI for Salesforce package from Salesforce AppExchange in your Salesforce instance.


Configure routing rules, presence statuses, and queues inside Omni-Channel through the Salesforce Setup Portal.



Go to App Manager in Salesforce Setup and open the app that displays the Omni-Channel utility. Add the DialpadBackgroundUtility utility item to this app and save it.


Verify if a remote site is available with the name 'DialpadSiteSettings' in Remote Site Settings. It should display a remote site URL set to 'https://dialpad.com' with the Active checkbox checked.


Connecting Dialpad to Salesforce Omni-Channel

Navigate to Admin Settings > Office Settings > Integrations > Salesforce > Configure.

Enable Omni-Channel and select Connect Omni-Channel to connect your Salesforce instance to Dialpad for fetching Omni-Channel presence statuses.


Mapping Statuses Between Salesforce Omni-Channel &Dialpad

You'll need to map statuses between Omni-Channel and Dialpad now.

Ensure that Offline status in Omni-Channel is always mapped to Off Duty in Dialpad. Additionally, On Call in Dialpad must map to a Busy status in Omni-Channel, and Omni-Channel's Available status must map to Post-call Wrap Up in Dialpad to allow Omni-Channel to queue up new objects once the Agent is done with the call.


Save all changes, and Dialpad will sync statuses between Omni-Channel for those Agents that are connected to the Salesforce instance where you have set up the integration.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does every user need to connect to Omni-Channel?

The Dialpad Administrator needs to connect Dialpad to Salesforce Omni-Channel in the administrative portal. It’s also recommended for the individual Agents to disconnect and reconnect to Salesforce before they start using this status sync feature. 

Is there a special Dialpad license needed for status sync?

Agents need to be either on Dialpad Sell or Contact Center for the two-way status sync.

Can I add new Omni-Channel statuses after setting up the sync?

Yes, we will refresh and fetch the latest available statuses upon going into Integration Settings > Salesforce > Configure.

Do we have to use Salesforce Lightning to use this integration?

Yes, the status sync is available only for Salesforce Lightning users.

I don’t see the status syncing between Dialpad and Omni-Channel? What could be the cause?

Ensure that the ‘On Call’ status in Dialpad is not mapped to ‘Offline’ status in Omni-Channel. Additionally, Salesforce Omni-Channel does not work if there are multiple tabs or instances of Salesforce open. This can cause the app to go out of sync with Omni-Channel.

In order to use this feature, you'll need to make sure that you've created a Call Center, assigned an Agent to the Call Center, and the Agent is set to on duty to see the status updates in Dialpad and Omni-Channel.

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