Dialpad App Presence Icons

Presence icons in Dialpad update to show if you and other Dialpad users within your company are available, on do not disturb, or busy.

Let's take a look at what each presence icon in Dialpad.

Presence Icons

Green Circle Icon - Available


A green circle means that you're a Diapad user and currently available. If you're chatting with an external Dialpad user from outside your company, you'll only see a green circle icon at all times.

Red Circle with a Line Icon - Do Not Disturb (DND)


A red circle with a line through it means that you have set yourself to Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, which will prevent any calls from ringing your devices.

Red Circle with a Phone Icon - On Call


A red circle with a phone icon means you are currently on a call.

Red Circle with a 'U' Icon - On Dialpad Meetings


If you have synced your Dialpad Meetings account with Dialpad, a red circle with a 'U' means you are currently on a conference call.

Orange Clock Icon - In Meeting


If you have synced your Dialpad with your productivity suite (Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365), an orange clock will appear when a meeting scheduled on your calendar is taking place.

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