Dialpad App Presence Icons

Presence icons in Dialpad update to show if you and other Dialpad users within your company are available, on Do Not Disturb, or busy.

Let's take a look at what each presence icon's significance. 

Presence Icons

Dialpad provides an easy-to-reference color variation beside your status so your team members know when you are available or not. 

You'll also see your team member's colored local presence icon beside their name in your Recent Activity (chats and calls)

Green Circle Icon - Available


A green circle means that you're a Diapad user and are currently available. 

Red Circle with a Line Icon - Do Not Disturb (DND)


A red circle with a line through it means that you have set yourself to Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, which will prevent any calls from ringing your devices.

Red Circle with a Phone Icon - On Call


A red circle with a phone icon means you are currently on a call.

Red Circle with a 'U' Icon - On Dialpad Meetings


If you have synced your Dialpad Meetings account with Dialpad, a red circle with a 'U' means you are currently on a conference call.

Orange Clock Icon - In Meeting


If you have synced your Dialpad with your productivity suite (Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365), an orange clock will appear when a meeting scheduled on your calendar is taking place.


How come some people are always green?

If you're chatting with an external Dialpad user from outside your company, you'll see a green circle icon at all times.

How come my local presence icon says I'm in a meeting but I'm not in a conference?

If you've synced Dialpad with your calendar (Google or Office 365), Dialpad will automatically update your presence icon to "In a meeting" anytime there is a meeting/activity noted on your calendar. 

How come in my Call Center, if I'm in a meeting is shown as red and never yellow?

When you are on a call in a Call Center, your presence icon will display as red and not yellow. 


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