Create an API Key

Dialpad's APIs are easy to use and provide context-relevant information that enhances workflows.

Let's look at how to create and access an API key and unlock the amazing capabilities of the Dialpad platform to build feature-rich applications.

Who can use this feature?

The ability to create an API key is only available to Dialpad customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

To create and access an API key, you must be a Company Admin. 

Create and Access an API Key

From, navigate to Admin Settings.

Head into My Company,  select Authentication and click API Keys.

  • Select Add a key, then enter the API key's name and expiration term.
  • Save your API Key and it will appear in the list; select Click to show the last 8 characters of the API key.


Dialpad Tip 💡

During API Key creation, you can click the Additional scopes drop-down list to add any scopes to your key.

API Documentation

For more information regarding APIs,  check out our API documentation.  

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