Dialpad Everywhere FAQs

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You have questions, we have answers. Let's go over the most commonly asked questions about Dialpad Everywhere. 

How come I don't see Dialpad Everywhere showing up?

Make sure that you're on the latest publicly available app version of Dialpad. After that, try navigating away from your desktop app during your next active call to have Dialpad Everywhere appear. 

Still not seeing the option? Reach out to our support team directly

Is it supported on both Mac and Windows?

Yes! Dialpad Everywhere is supported on both Mac and Windows machines. You'll just need to have the native desktop app.

Do be aware that Dialpad Everywhere is not supported on Chromebooks (so the Chrome app isn't supported).


How many integrations can be added to Dialpad Everywhere?

You can add up to five integrations (G Suite or Office 365, Salesforce, Zendesk, and ServiceNow.

Can I toggle this feature on or off?

Yes—you'll find the toggle to turn this feature on or off in your Profile drop-down within the desktop app. Once there, navigate to your App settings and navigate to Other Settings for Dialpad Everywhere section. 


When I use Click-to-Call, I'd like to launch Dialpad Everywhere directly instead of bringing up the full Dialpad app. Is this possible? 

Yes, check the 'Launch immediately' option in your App Settings within the desktop app. Once there, navigate to your App settings and scroll to the Dialpad Everywhere section. 

Which plan types is this available on?

Dialpad Everywhere is available across all Dialpad plan types.