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How does SCIM work across multiple offices?

SCIM attributes need to include either 'officeName' or 'physicalDeliveryOfficeName' or 'department' in the user creation request. This attribute will need to match the name of your office in Dialpad exactly; otherwise, we'll fall back to the 'country' attribute to assign your user to an office within that country (if one exists).

If no matching attribute or 'country', we'll use the best matching office we can add.



If you're creating custom attributes, make sure that the external namespace is urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:enterprise:2.0:User


How does SCIM work across multiple domains under the same office/company?

Multiple domains have no bearing on SCIM. Unless one domain is set up as the master, each domain would have to implement SCIM independently and in sync with their master directory.

What happens if we're out of licenses for our office?

If you're out of licenses and choose to add more, Dialpad will bill you at the prorated amount similar to what would happen if you were to add licenses today.

What happens if we are out of numbers for the office?

We'll auto-assign numbers to your users from your unassigned numbers pool. If there are no available numbers left from there, we'll auto-assign based on the area code your Admin selected when creating your Dialpad account.

When someone is removed from Dialpad via Okta, do they still appear in the Dialpad team list?

When you remove someone from the Dialpad app via Okta, the user will be suspended in Dialpad and will no longer consume a user license.

While the user won't appear in your team list by default, you will still be able to search for the user and verify that their status displays as Suspended.

When you delete a user from Okta, the user will be fully deleted from Dialpad and will no longer appear in the team list, even after searching.

How do I specify which license is assigned when provisioning a Dialpad user?

You will need to create a licenseType attribute and specify Dialpad_Ai VoiceDialpad_Support (Contact Center), or Dialpad_Ai Sales while creating the user. By default, Support (Contact Center) users are not assigned a DID.

Can I re-assign or change a user license type with  SCIM?

No, a license can only be changed or re-assigned on our Admin portal, or by reaching out to the Dialpad support team.

Can I change the DID or Extension in OKTA SCIM?

No, these changes need to be done on our Admin portal or by reaching out to the Dialpad support team.