Make & Receive a Video Call

Sometimes a little face-to-face makes all the difference. Dialpad and Dialpad Meetings are fully integrated for videoconferencing, but you can also use the Dialpad app to launch quick, one-on-one video calls.

Let's take a look at video calls in Dialpad.

Start a Video Call


From the Dialpad app, navigate to a conversation thread and select the Video icon.

You'll start dialing the contact for a video call, and your video will launch while you wait.

Once the contact answers, their video will appear on the screen.

Receive a Video Call


From the Dialpad app, select Answer in the top-left corner.

You're also able to answer a video call using the pop-up alert from outside the Dialpad app.

If don't want to answer a video call, select Decline.

Video Call Controls


Controls available during a video call include Mute/UnmuteVideo On/OffScreen ShareFull ScreenPause, and Hang Up.

Select View Conversation to open the conversation thread while communicating.

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