Make & Receive a Video Call

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Sometimes a little face-to-face makes all the difference. Dialpad and Dialpad Meetings are fully integrated for videoconferencing, but you can also use the Dialpad app to launch quick, one-on-one video calls.

Let's take a look at video calls in Dialpad.

Start a Video Call

To start a video call from the Dialpad app, navigate to a conversation thread and select the More Menu beside the Video icon.


You have two options:

  1. Place the video call via Dialpad Meetings
  2. Place the video call via Dialpad 

Select your preference and Dialpad will automatically dial your contact.

When the contact answers, their video will appear on the screen.

Receive a Video Call

To receive a video call, simply select Answer when you receive the 'Incoming video call' notification in the top-left corner of your Dialpad app. 


You're also able to answer a video call using the pop-up alert from outside the Dialpad app.

If don't want to answer a video call, select Decline.

Video Call Controls

Controls available during a video call include:

  • Mute/Unmute
  • Video On/Off
  • Screen Share
  • Full Screen
  • Pause
  • Hang Up

Select View Conversation to open the conversation thread while communicating.